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Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 







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J&S«W"'* i %- 



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Atlantic Christian College 
Wilson, North Carolina 


Carolyn Cameron 

Assistant Editor 

Janet Kelly 

Business Manager 

Judy Rose 


Milton H. Rogerson 


..I, heoviW' on .u_* soon 

,s * W «i« 
"1 .- For « nanY ' Me * laces *«' 





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fools rush in ♦ . . 

• . . where angels fear to tread 


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I as i 

^ \m 

Kinrt'i-i mttr 


long trek toward the Classroom Building . . . 

the hour for lively conversation 

♦ * * 


m •■■'III 

Mystery, fear, excitement, romance . . . 

some remnants of the good old times 

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p i ei is is Lb 



- . - 

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aFr* g^aL' 




Atlantic Christian in an era of progress . . . 

Is An Accredited Member Of 

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools 

North Carolina College Conference 

Association of American Colleges 

North Carolina Council of Church-Related Colleges 

North Carolina Foundation of Church-Related Colleges 

Board of Higher Education of the Disciples of Christ 



Hail, A. C. College, 
Fondly we hail thee, 
Thy loyal children 
Forever are we. 
True to thy blue and white 
Never to fail thee. 
Hail, Alma Mater, 
All hail to thee! 

Hail, thou our Mother, 
Dearly we cherish 
Thy name, enthroned, 
Victorious and free 
Thy tender memories 
Never shall perish. 
Hail, Alma Mater, 
All hail to thee! 





^rrom ine 

J resioenfs 


The 1964 Pine Knot serves as a collection of memories which have grown 
out of our experiences at Atlantic Christian College during the course of 
this year. In future years it will always recall our College as we knew it. 
As the years go by, these memories will become a treasure of increasing 

In behalf of our entire College community — its students, faculty, staff 
and Board of Trustees — I wish to express appreciation to the Editor of the 
1964 Pine Knot and to all those whose efforts helped to make possible this 
attractive memento of cur journey together. 

Arthur D. Wenger 



It is a pleasure for me as Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Atlantic 
Christian College to extend greetings from the Board to the students, 
faculty, and staff of the college in connection with the publication of the 
Pine Knot for 1964 

Each of our Trustees considers it a real privilege to be associated with 
Atlantic Christian College and to play a part in its continuing growth and 

I want to congratulate the Editor and Staff of the Pine Knot for the 
fine work which they have done in the preparation of this year's annual. 

T. J. Hackney 



Lewis H. Swindell, Jr. 

Dean of the College 

B.S., Wake Forest College 

M.A., East Carolina College 

Ed.D., University of 

North Carolina 

Milton L. Adams 

Business Manager 

A.B. Atlantic Christian 


R. Worden Allen, Jr. 

Director of Development 
A.B., Atlantic Christian 


B. D., Texas Christian 


James D. Daniell 

Director of Admission 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


M. Ed., University of 




Milton H. Rogerson 

Director of Publicity and 
Special Activities 

John M. Waters 

Special Assistant to the 


A.B., D.D., Atlantic Christian 



Bethany R. Joyner 


A.B., Atlantic Christian 




Robert Bennett 

Dean of Students 
A.B., Atlantic Christian 

.M.Ed., Ohio University- 

Daniel S. Hensley, Jr. 

Chaplain, Dean of Men, and 

Instructor in Religion 

A.B., B.D., Texas Christian 


Sarah Bain Ward 

Dean of Women and Instructor 

in Health and Physical Education 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


A.M., Columbia University 




Jessie M. Daniel 

Assistant Dean of Women and 

Director of Student Center 
A.B., Atlantic Christian College 

Irene Harrell 

Acting Librarian and Instructor 

A.B., Ohio State University 

B.S., in L.S., University of 

North Carolina 

Elizabeth Ann Davis 

Assistant Librarian 
B.S., East Carolina College 

Mary C. Scudder 

Assistant Librarian and 


B.S., University of Alabama 

Gerald Walston 


Irene Gray 




Janie Johnson 

House Mother 

Rosa Tyndall 

House Mother 

Carrie Louise Whitfield 

House Mother 

Ruth W. Dunn 

House Mother 

Roland Hatten Hodges, Jr. 

Director of Alumni Affairs 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


Department Chairmen 

Russell W. Arnold 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


A.M., University of North 


Special study, New York Art 

Students League; Special Study 

with Hans Hoffman. 

Mildred E. Hartsock 

A.B., A.M., Ph.D. 
University of Cincinnati 

Kenneth D. St. John 

B.S., Wittenberg College 
A.M., Kent State 
Ed.D., University of 

George Harry Swain 

B.S., Tennessee Polytechnic 


A.M., M. Ed., further study, 

George Peabody College for 




Edward L. Cloyd, Jr. 

B.S., Davidson College 

A.M., University of North 


Further study, Florida State 



Department Chairmen 

Ester L. Long 

A.B., Ellsworth College 

A.M., Ph. D., University of 


James V. Cobb, Jr. 

A.B., B. Mus., 

Southwestern at Memphis 

A.M., Boston University 

of North Carolina 

University of Illinois 


William E. Tucker 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


B.D., Texas Christian 


A.M., Ph. D. Yale 




J. P. Tyndall 

A.B., Atlantic Christian 


A.M., University of 

North Carolina 

Ed.D., University of 


Robert G. Capps 

B.S., College of 

William and Mary 

A.M., and further 

study, American 




Bobby L. Anderson, Assis- 
tant Professor of Busi- 
ness; B.S., A.M., East 
Carolina College. 

James L. Barden, Assist- 
ant Professor of Educa- 
tion and Psychology, A. 
B., M.Ed., University of 
North Carolina. 

Benjamin H. Barden, As- 
sistant Professor of Busi- 
ness, A.B. University of 
North Carolina; M.S., Co- 
lumbia University; further 
study, University of Cal- 
ifornia, Ohio State Uni- 

Horace P. Benton, Ad- 
junct Instructor in Busi- 
ness, B.S., University of 
North Carolina. 

Janet T. Boles Instruc- 
tor in Business, B.S. Wo- 
man's College, University 
of North Carolina; fur- 
ther study, East Carolina 

Edward C. Brown, Assis- 
tant Professor of Art, 
B.F.A., University of Tex- 
as, M.F.A., Columbia 

Virginia Dickens Cannon, 

Part-time Instructor in 
Physical Education, A.B., 
Atlantic Christian Col- 

Doris F. Capps, Assistant 
Professor of Education 
A.B., The College of Wil- 
liam and Mary; M.Ed., 
University of Virginiu, 
Further study, American 

Robert G. Capps Associa- 
te Professor of Socioloay, 
B.S., The College of Wil- 
liam and Mary; A.M., 
and further study Ameri- 
can University. 

Mary Ruth Clark, Assis- 
tant Professor of Busi- 
ness, BSSA, M.Ed., Wo- 
man's College University 
of North Carolina. 

Janet Mary Danielson, 

Instructor in Music, B.M., 
M.M., Eastman School of 

Robert W. Delp, Assis- 
tant Professor of History, 
B.S., Davidson College 
B.D., Lancaster Theolo- 
gical Seminary; M.A., 
The George Washington 

John W. Dunn, Associa- 
te Professor of Mathema- 
tics, B.S., Appalachian 
State Teachers College; 
A.M. East Carolina Col- 
lege; further study, Duke 


Dorothy Davidson Eagles, 

Associate Professor of 
English A.B., Woman's 
College, University of 
North Carolina, A.M., 
University of North Car- 

Vida Elliott, Associate 
Professor of Education 
and Psychology, A.B., 
Texas Christian Univer- 
sity; A.M., University of 
Minnesota; Ph.D., Hart- 
ford Seminary; further 
study, University of Sou- 
thern California, Univer- 
sity of California. 


Robert C. Frazier, Assis- 
tant Professor of Mathe- 
matics A.B. Atlantic 
Christian College; A.M. 
East Carolina College; 
further study Duke Uni- 
versity, Clemson College. 

Sarah B. Gattis, Instruc- 
tor in History, A.B., A. 
M., University of North 

Doris B. Hall, Instructor 
in English, A.B., Carson- 
Newman College A.M., 
University of North Caro- 

C. H. Hamlin, Professor 
of Social Studies, semi- 
retired A.B. The College 
of William and Mary; 
A.M., University of Vir- 
ginia; Ph.D. George Pea- 
body College for Teach- 

Donald G. Hinshaw, Ad- 
junct Instructor in Music. 
B.S. Davidson College; 
M.S.M., New Orleans 
Baptist Theological Sem- 

Robert P. Hollar, Asso- 
ciate Professor of Chem- 
istry. A.B. East Carolino 
College; A.M. George 
Peabody College for Tea- 
chers; further Study, New 
York University, East 
Tennessee State College, 
University of Virginia. 

Edna L. Johnston, Assis- 
tant Professor of English. 
A.B. Atlantic Christian 
College;' A.M. East Car- 
olina College, further 
study, University of 
North Carolina. 

Hugh B. Johnston, Jr. 

Assistant Professor of 
Modern Language A.B. 
Davidson College; A.M. 
George Washington Uni- 

Elizabeth H. Jordan, Ad- 
junct Instructor in English 
A.B., Wellesley College. 

James E. McComas, Ins- 
tructor in Physical Edu- 
cation and Head Coach. 
B.S. North Carolina Col- 

William M. McGill, As- 
sociate Professor of Eng- 
lish. B.A. Wake Forest 
College M.A. Vanderbilt 
University; Further Stu- 
dy, Boston University. 

Sally M. Melver, Adjunct 
Instructor in Art. B.S. 
Atlantic Christian College 
further study, East Caro- 
lina College. 

Gordon E. Mercer, Jr. In- 
structor in Political Sci- 
ence B.A. Wake Forest 
College; M.A. Universily 
of North Carolina. 

Louis B. Meyer, Adjunct 
Professor of Business A. 
B. Wake Forest College, 
LL.B., Wake Forest Law 

Neal O'Neal, Instructor in 
Music. A.B. Davidson Col- 
lege; A.M. University of 
North Carolina. 



Wliliam O. Paulsell, As- 
sistant Professor of Reli- 
gion, A.B., Texas Christ- 
ian University; B.D., A. 
M. Vanderbilt University. 

James Christian Pfohl, 
Jr., Instructor in Physical 
Education B.S., Wake 
Forest College; M.Ed., 
University of North Caro- 

Eugene George Purcell, 
Jr., Associate Professor 
of Philosophy A.B., B D., 
Duke University. 

Gene Ashton Purvis, As- 
sistant Professor of Ed- 
ucation and Director of 
Student Teaching, B.S., 
A.M., East Carolina Col- 

Charles W. Rakow, In- 
structor in Music, B.M., 
Knox College; M.S.M , 
Union Theological Semi- 
nary; A.M., University 
of Denver. 

John R. Scudder, Jr., As- 
sociate Professor of Ed- 
ucation, A.B. Vanderbilt 
University; A.M., Univer- 
sity of Alabama; B.D , 
The College of the Bible; 
Ed.D., Duke University. 

Ruby P. Shackleford, As- 
sistant Professor of Eng- 
lish, A.B., Woman's Co 1 - 
lege, University of North 
Carolina; M.A., Univer- 
sity of North Carolina. 

Allan R. Sharp, Profes- 
sor of Religion and Di- 
rector of Ministerial Ed- 
ucation, A.B., Transyl- 
vania College; B.D. Col- 
lege of the Bible; Ed.D., 
Duke University. 

Barbara Brown Smith, In- 
structor in Physical Ed- 
ucation, B.S., Wake For- 
est College, M.A., East 
Carolina College. 

Johnnie D. Strickland, In- 
structor in Physical Edu- 
cation, B.S., Atlantic 
Christian College. 

George Harry Swain, Pro- 
fessor of Business and 
Director of Evening 
School, B.S., Tennessee 
Polytechnic Institute; A. 
M., M.Ed., further study, 
George Peobody College 
for Teachers. 

Myrtle Thompson Swain, 

Assistant Professor of 
Mathematics B.S., Ten- 
nessee Polytechnic Insti- 
tute; A.M., Ed.S., further 
study, George Peabody 
College for Teachers. 

Warren R. Tair, Assist- 
ant Professor of Physics, 
B.Ed., Wisconsin State 
College; M.Ed., Univer- 
sity of North Carolina. 

G. Thomas Taylor, In- 
structor in Biology, A.B. 
Guilford College; A.M. 
University of North Caro- 

Raymond Mason Taylor, 

Adjunct Professor of Bus- 
iness, A.B., LL.B., Uni- 
versity of North Carolina. 



Lynn N. West, Assistant 
Professor of Business. B. 
S. East Carolina College; 
M.Ed. Woman's College, 
University of North Caro- 

Ashton P. Wiggs, As- 
sistant Professor of Busi- 
ness, A.B. Atlantic Chris- 
tian College; A.M., East 
Carolina College. 

Deems N. Wiggs, Profes- 
sor of Biology. B.S., M. 
S., George Washington 
University; Ph.D. Emory 

Elton D. Winstead, Assis- 
tant Professor of Educa- 
tion. B.S. Atlantic Christ- 
ian College; M.Ed., Duke 

Janet Winstead, Associa- 
te Professor of Science. B. 
S. Midwestern University; 
M.S., Ohio University; 
further study University 
of Michigan. 

Edna E. Boykin, Adjunct Instructor in Education, A.B. Woman's College, University 
of North Carolina; A.M., Columbia University; further study, Duke University. 
Edward B. Holloway, Assistant Professor of History, A.B. University of Connecticut; 
M.A. further study, University of Pennsylvania. 

Margaret Newton, Associate Professor of Chemsitry. B.S., Sweetbrier College; M.S. 
New York University; Ph.D. Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn. 

Walker W. Woodard, Adjunct Professor of Education. A.B. Atlantic Christian Col- 
lege; M. Ed. University of North Carolina. 

Cecil R. Willis, Assistant 
Professor of English and 
Drama. A.B. Atlantic 
Christian College; M.A., 
New York University. 

Catherine W. Jeffries. 

Adjunct Instructor of 
Physical Education. B.S. 
Atlantic Christian Col- 

Lawrence 0. Gupton, Jr., 

Adjunct Voice Instruc- 
tor. Campbell College, A. 
A., Westminster Choir 
College, B.M., M.M.. 




;^;:^;^':-:V r :^..-^-<^r ;; ^.';; i , 



* ■■%&... 

n ,j * 

Say . . . which way is the Bohunk? 






Who did it? 

Now he's got a big head 


Watch the yellow went . . 

Candid what? 

You're going to flunk anyway! 

Who's legs? 

The moral is 


2 6 5 7-10 14+100 +5-1 —185 

Who's out there!! 

Let's see you do that 

Are you really Santa? 

Anything else? 


It's so nice to have a man 
around the house . . . 

The life of Riley 

What did you say? 

love you because 






Legs . . . Legs . . . Legs 


Student Life in . . . 






Senior Class 


President Oden Latham 

Vice-President ' David Peebles 

Secretary George-Anne Willard 

Treasurer Horton Godwin 

James Ray Adams 

Belhaven, N. C. 

B. S., Biology 

N. C. Collegiate, Past Historian; Academy of Science; Sci- 
ence and Math Club. 

Wilson, N. C. 

David C. Adkins 

B. S., Physical Education 

Physical Education Club; Student Intramural Director, 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and 

Dobson, N. C. 

Warren Ray Alberty 

B.S., Business Administration 

William R. Alexander 

Lexington, Ky. B.S., Biology, Chemistry 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Pledge Trainer, House Manager, Soph- 
more Class President; Vice-President of C.C.A.; Intra- 

David Monroe Alford 

Middlesex, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda. 

Kay Allen 

Farmville, N. C. 

A.B., Art 

Robert Christian Allen 

Newport News, Va. A.B., Philosphy and Religion 

James Glenn Aycock 

Fremont, N. C. 

A.B., History 

Band; Chorus; Vocal Ensemble; Assembly and Concert- 
Radio Staff; Y.R.A.'s. 


Fred Stanley Ayscue 

Henderson, N. C. A.B., History 

Sigma Phi Alpha Foreign Language Fraternity; Chief Mar- 
shal; Freshman Marshal; "Who's Who Among Students in 
American Colleges and Universities." 

Doris C. Barefoot 

Benson, N. C. 

A.B., Art Education 

Phi Sigma Tau; Women's Recreational Association; Science 
Club; Basketball Intramurals. 

Julian Sylvester barnhill, Jr. 

Windsor, N. C. 

B.S., Math 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Vice-President of Pledge 
Class, Pledge Trainer, Social Chairman, House Manager; 
Vice-President of Sophomore Class; President of Interfra- 
ternity Council; Student Counselor; Intramurals. 

Sylvia Hooker Barrett 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S. Elementary Education 

James Lemuel Bartlert 

Goldsboro, N. C. B. S. Accounting 

Accounting Club. 

Bobby Glenn Beaman 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Biology 

Science Club. 

Jane Becker 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

C. E. Maurice Belanger 

History, A.B. 

B.S. Accounting 


Republic of Panama 

Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity, Historian, 
"Man of the Year," Sigma Phi Alpha, 
President of Cooperative Association; Golden Knot Honor 
Society, Secretary-Treasurer; Student Counselor; Circle K 
Club, Vice-President; Pine Knot, Sports Editor; Rotary 
Exchange Student; Accounting Club; Intramurals; "Who's 
Who Among Students in American Colleges and Univer- 



John Linwood Benson 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Math 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Sigma Pi Alpha; Intramurals. 

Wilson, N. C. 

James W. Black 

B.S., Business Administration, Math 

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity; W.A.C.R. Business Manager; 
Science Club. 

Frederick Gray Bogue 

Fremont, N. C. A.B., History 

Sigma Pi Alpha. 

Kaveh Borzooei 

Sari, Iran A.B. Business Administration 

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity. 

John Arthur Boyd 

Washington, N .C. B.S. Chemistry 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Intramurals. 

Kenly, N. C. 

Sarah Carolyn Boyette 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Day Student Publicity Commtitee, Chairman; S.N.E.A. 
Time Current Events Citation. 

Lina Joyner Bracey 

Wilson, N. C. B.S. Primary Education 


Jane Calie Bradshaw 

Fremont, N. C. B.S. Business Education 

S.N.E.A.; Phi Beta Lambda. 


Mary Ann Britr 

Wilson, N. C. B.S. Math 

Delta Sigma Sorority, Vice-President; W.R.A.; Science 

Nancy Elizabeth Britt 

Colerain, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Sigma Tau Chi; Dorm President, Summer School; Dorm 
Council: Caldwell Hall; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 

Selma, N. C. 

Audrey Lane Brown 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Ray Jackson Brown 

Colerain, N. C. 

A.B., English 

Garner, N. C. 

Mary Jo Buffaloe 

B.S., Primary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau Sorority; Treasurer of Sophomore Class; 
Woman's Dormitory, Secretary; President of Harper Hall; 
Chairman of Bohunk Committte; S.N.E.A. 

Elmore Smith Buchan, Jr. 

Mullins, S. C. A.B., History 

Robert Lee Bullock 

Stem, N. C. B.S., Math, Physical Education 

Physical Education Club; Intramurals; Baseball. 

Brenda Gail Bulluck 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Delta Sigma Sorority; Intramurals; W.R.A. 


Sims, N. C. 

Linda Lou Bunn 

A.B., Business Education 

Phi Beta Lambda; S.N.E.A.; "Who's Who Among Students 
in American Colleges and Universities." 

Charles Aycock Burt 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Music 

Band; Chorus. Vocal Ensemble, Brass Ensemble. 

Carolyn Cameron 

Sanford, N. C. 

A.B., French 

Omega Chi Sorority, Corresponding Secretary; Pine Knot, 
Editor in Chief; Sigma Pi Alpha Foreign Language Fra- 
ternity; Reporter; W.R.A.; S.N.E.A.; Homecoming Candi- 
date; 2nd Runner-Up for Miss Pine Knot. 

Barbara Jean Capps 

Chadbourn, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

W.R.A.; S.N.E.A. 

John Thomas Capps 

Virginia Beach, Va. B.S., Business 

Jane Thurston Charles 

Ahoskie, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

Lela Rebecca Carney 

Bailey, N. C. A.B., English 

Anthony Milton Chesson 

Roper, N. C. B.S., Math 

Cross Country; Intramurals. 



Darrow Ross Clark 

Rocky Mount, N.C. B.S., Business Administration 

Pine Knot Staff; Stage and Script; Y.D.C.; Collegiate Staff; 
English Club. 

Monnie Aileen Clark 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., English, History 

Phi Sigma Tau; Sigma Phi Alpha; Stage and Script, Ward- 
robe Mistress, "Duchess" Award; English Club. 

Elizabeth S. Clayton 

Fayetteville, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, I.F.C. Representative; Volleyball; W.R.A.; 
Council of the Women Dormitory Association. 

Sandra Huggins Cogdell 

Elizabethtown, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

Sigma Tau Chi; W.R.A., Representative, Vice-President; 
S.N.E.A.; Chorus, Homecoming Queen Court; 1st Runner- 
Up; Pine Knot Queen Court. 

Patricia Ann Collins 

Charlotte, N. C. A.B., Math 

Sigma Tau Chi, President; I.F.C. Representative; W.R. A. 

Hampton Kent Conner, Jr. 

Takoma Park, Md. B.S., Math 

Collegiate Staff; Intramurals; Dorm Counselor. 

Spray, N. C. 

Jewel Faye Cooper 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Choir; Christian Service Workshop; Concert and Assembly 

Rebecca Corbett 

Zebulon, N. C. 

A.B., English 



Wilson, N. C. 

Robert Lee Corbert 

A.B., Business Administration 

Lou Lyon Craig, Jr. 

Windsor, N. C. B..S, Accounting 

Delta Sigma Phi, Historian, I.F.C. Representative; Intra- 
murals; Accounting Club. 

Bonnie Charlene Cuddingron 

Fremont, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Phi Beta Lambda; S.N.E.A. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Thomas A. Daniel 

Herman Cecil Davis, Jr. 

Hillsboro, N. C. B.S., Art 

Y.R.C.; Stage and Script, Scrapbook. 

Grover T. Dees 

Pikeville, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club, Officer. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Jenny Lou Dees 

B.S., Primary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, Corresponding Secretary; Day Student Re- 
presentative; C.C.A.; S.N.E.A. 

Wiley Clenon Dees 

Wilson, N. C. 

A.B., History 


Goidie M. Douglas 

Sanford, N. C. 

A.B., French 

Omega Chi Sorority, President, Chaplain; Sigma Pi Alpha, 
President; Golden Knot Honor Society; "Who's Who 
Among Students in American Colleges and Universities"; 
Secretary of the Cooperative Association; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 

Grace Driscoll 

Daytona Beach, Fla. A.B., History 

Stage and Script; House Council, Summer Session. 

Phyllis Yelverton Edmundson 

Fremont, N. C. B.S., Chemistry ■. 1 

American Chemical Society 

Linda Darlene Edwards 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

S.N.E.A.; Band. 

Patricia Austin Edwards 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Jeremiah Packer Elmore, III 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Collegiate, Sports Editor; Basketball, Manager; Physical 
Education Club; Intramurals. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Elizabeth Anne Ferrell 

A.B., Spanish, English 

Omega Chi Sorority, Treasurer; Sigma Pi Alpha Foreign 
Language Fraternity, Vice-President; Pine Knot Business 
Staff; Pine Knot Editorial Staff; English Club; W.R.A. 

James Etheldred Floors 

Princeton, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 



Roxboro, N. C. 

Linda Gay Forrest 

B.S., Secretarial Science 

Omega Chi, Scholarship Chairman; W.R.A.; Caldwell Hall 

William E. Fugare 

Frankfort, Ind. B.S., Accounting 

Basketball; Accounting Club. 

Hartwell H. Fuller, Jr. 

Pinetops, N. C. B.S., Chemistry 

Science and Mathematics Club; American Chemical Society. 

Norfolk, Va. 

James Galvin 

B.S., Business Administration 

Donna Melhorne Gorritz 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Omega Chi Sorority, Chaplain; Sophomore Class Secretary; 
Sigma Pi Alpha; Christian Service Workshop. 

Max Roland Gessner 

Hackettstown, N. J. A.B., Religion, Philosphy 

Christian Service Workshop; Track and Field; Intramurals. 

William H. Gill 

Hamlet, N. C. A.B., History 

Sigma Pi Fraternity; Circle K. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Benjamin Glover 

A.B., Business Administration 


Clarence Horron Godwin 

Cofield, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Dtlta Sigma Phi Fraternity, President, Treasurer; Senior 
Class, Treasurer; Business Club, Reporter; Accounting Club. 

David Lester Godwin, Jr. 

LaGrange, N. C. 

A.B., English 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Secretary; Collegiate; Campus Chris- 
tian Association. 

Thomas E. Gregory 

Chesapeake, Va. B.S., Phusical Education 

Alpha Sigma Phi, President; Physical Education Club, Pro- 
gram Chairman; Intramurals, Varsity Track. 

Ralph Gurganus 

Plymouth, N. C. A.B., History 

Y.R.C., President; Intramurals. 

Johnnie Daniel Hales 

Middlesex, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Wilson, N. C. 

Lauder Evans Hall 

Accounting Club. 

B.S., Accounting 

Ramona Gwen Hall 

Elm City, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


Dewey Wayne Hanna 

Pamphico, S. C. B.S., Business Administratoin 

Delta Sigma Phi; Phi Beta Lambda; Intramurals; Tennis. 



Harry Gynn Harrell 

Rose Hill, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 


Terry Wayne Harris 

Washington, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Physical Education Club, Publicity Chairman; Baseball, Bas- 

Glenn Reese Hart, Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. A.B., English 

French Club; English Club; Golf Team; Sergeant at Arms. 

Virginia Ann Hayes 

Wilson, N. C. 

A.B., Music, Math 

Omega Chi; Campus Christian Association, President; Stu- 
dent Counselor; W.R.A.; Chorus; Vocal Ensemble; Band; 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and 

Jo Ann Herring 

Wilson, N. C. 

A.B., English, History 

English Club; Band. 

Onnalee McElhaney Hinnanr 

Beaver, Penn. 

B.S., Math 

Omega Chi; Christian Service Workship; Science Club; Stu- 
dent Counselor; Caldwell Hall Dormitory Council; Day Stu- 
dent Committee; Stage and Script; Choir; W.R.A. 

William Thomas Hinron 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Tommie Shelron Hopkins 

Middlesex, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Business Club; Y.D.C. 


Norfolk, Va. 

Carol Carawan Home 

B.S., Secretarial Science 

Omega Chi Sorority, Pledge Glass President; Miss Merry 
Christmas; Student Counselor; Sigma Phi Epsilon Represent- 
ative at Sig Ep Ball; Cheerleader; C.C.A.; Chorus; W.R.A., 
Clock Golf, Basketball. 

Patricia Anne Home 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, I.F.C. Alternate; C.C.A.; Student Counse- 

lor; S.N. E. A. 

Rexford Lee Home 

Kinston, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Sgima Phi Epsilon, Secretary; Junior Class President; Sen- 
ior Class Senator; Campus Christian Association, Vice- 
President; Pine Knot Staff; Christian Service Workshop, 
President; "Mr. Top Hat"; Men's Intramurals; "Who's 
Who Among Students in American Colleges and Universi- 

Martha Lynn Houseman 

Rocky Mount, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Delta Sigma Sorority; S.N.E.A. 

Jimmy Lamont Howell 

Pikeville, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Physical Education Club; Intramurals. 

Josiah Carl Hull 

Wendell, N. C. 

B.S., Accounting 

James Hartwell Jenkins 

LaCrosse, Va. B.S., Chemistry 

Science and Math Club. 

Robert Edward Jensen 

Charlotte, N. C. A.B., Business Administration 



Doris Louise Jernigan 

Selma, N. C. B.S., Education 

Sara Wanda Johnson 

Middlesex, N. C. A.B., Elementary Education 

Mary Elizabeth Johnston 

Tennille, Ga. 

A.B., History 

Omega Chi, I.F.C. Representative; I.F.C., Secretary; Sigma 
Pi Alpha, Collegiate; Student Counselor; Woman's Dormi- 
tory Council; W.R.A 

William Revil Jones, Jr. 

Spring Hope, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Science and Math Club; Intramurals. 

Morcia Nell Kallfclz 

Wilmington, N. C. 

A.B., History 

Pine Knot Staff; Student Counselor; Woman's Dormitory 
Council; Chorus. 

Richard Clayton Keel 

Robersonville, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Accounting Club, President; Business Club. 

Janet Carolyn Kelly 

Sanford, N. C. 

A.B., Art 

Omega Chi, Pledge Trainer, W.R.A., Repersentative; Pine 
Knot Staff, Assistant Editor; W.R.A., Secretary, Treasur- 
er; Homecoming Queen Representative; Student Counsel- 
or; CCA.; S.N. E.A. 

William Lane Kilpatrick 

Barnwell, N. C B.S., Elementary Education 

S.N. E.A, Vice-President; CCA. 


Lucama, N. C. 


Charles Holden Lamm 

Janice Elizabeth Lamm 

A.B., English 

Wilson, N. C. 

A.B., English 

Phi Sigma Tau Sorority, Historian, Scholarship Chairman, 
Parliamentarian; Golden Knot Honor Society, President; 
Pine Knot, Business Manager, Editorial Staff; English Club; 
Chorus; Senior Class Senator; Corresponding Secretary of 
Cooperative Association; W.R.A.; Bohunk Committee; 
"Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and 

Micro, N. C. 

Roger Neil Langston 

B.S., Business Administration 

A. Oden Latham, Jr. 

Washington, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Freshman Class, Vice-President; Social Committee of Co- 
operative Association; Vice-President of Men's Dormitory 
Association; Junior Class Senator; Senior Class, President. 

Atlanta, Ga. 

Douglas E. Ledbetter 

B.S., Business Administration 

Sigma Pi Fraternity, President of Pledge Class, Historian, 
Vice-President, Social Chairman, Chaplain; I.F.C. Represen- 
tative, Sergeant at Arms; Intramurals; Band Color Guard. 

New Bern, N. C. 

Sarah Nesbeth Lewis 

A.B., Elementary Education 

Charles Buddy Lynam 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

Physical Education Club. 

A.B. History 

Arlington, Va. 

Dwight A. McKeown 

B.S., Physical Education 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, Recorder, Scrap Book; Physical Education 
Club; Intramurals; Track Team. 


Basil Humphrey Marshall, III 

Wilmington, N. C. A.B., English 

Stage and Script, President; Forensic Arts Society Presi- 
dent; English Club 

Charles Thomas Martin 

Four Oaks, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Accounting Club 

Leone Sanders Massey 

Smithfield, N. C. B.S., Art 

Evelyn Marie Medlin 

Louisburg, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Student Counselor 

Sandling King Merritt 

Clinton, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Mary Linda Miles 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau; S.N.E.A 

John David Mitchell 

Pine Level, N. C. A.B., Religion 

Randolph Morgan Jr. 

Spring Hope, N. C. A.B., Physical Education, History 

Physical Education Club; Intramurals. 



Diane Dee Moore 

Wilson, N. C. 

B.S., Chemistry 

Day Student Representative; Homecoming Queen Repre- 
sentative; Student Affialiate of American Chemical Socie- 
ty; Science Club; Summer School Marshal. 

George Edward Moye, Jr. 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Biology 

Science and Math Club; Intramurals. 

Bonnie Love Musgrave 

Pikeville, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

W.R.A., Physical Education Majors Club; S.N.E.A. 

Kay Frances Narron 

Kenly, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 


Wilson, N. C. 

Patricia Mavis Neal 

B.S., Business Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, Pledge Master; Phi Beta Lambda, Presi- 
dent, Secretary; Homecoming Candidate. 

Joel Armond Newton 

Charlotte, N. C. 

B.S., Biology 

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity, Secretary, Pledge Master, 
Rush Chairman, I.F.C Representative; C.C.A., Reporter, 
Convention Delegate, Corresponding Secretary, Chaplain; 
Rush Chairman of I.F.C. 

Lauderdale, Fla. 

Arnold Nilsen, Jr. 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Chorus; Vocal Ensemble; S.N.E.A.; Men's Dormitory Coun- 
cil; Concert and Assembly Committee, Co-Chairman; 
B.S.U., Treasurer, Vice-President. 

William Preston Nixon, Jr. 

Hertford, N. C. B.S., Chemistry 

Baseball; Physical Education Club; Science Club. 


Namcho Park 

Seoul, Korea 

A.B., Political Science 

Floyd Jerome Parker 

Portsmouth, Va. B.S., Elementary Education 

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity; Intramural Council; Varsity 

Glenda Faye Parker 

Benson, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Phi Beta Lambda; S.N.E.A. 

Jo Ann Creech Parker 

Pine Level, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Physical Education Club; Phi Beta Lambda 

David Harrison Peebles, Jr. 

Raleigh, N. C. 

B.S., Accounting 

Sigma Phi Epsilon, President; President of North State Stu- 
dent Government Association; President of Student Body; 
Vice president of Senior Class; President of Sophomore 
Class; Phi Beta Lambda; Track; Co-editcr of Bulldog; Me- 
morial Committee; Accounting Club. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Delta Sigma 

Fraternity Council, President 

Edward Tull Perkins 

B.S., Business Administration 
Phi, Secretary, Vice-President; Inter- 

Nan Ferrell Phipps Perkins 

Wilson, N. C. 

A.B., English 

George Thomas Pippin, III 

Pittsburgh, Penn. B.S., Accounting 

Sigma Pi Fraternity, Treasurer; Golden Knot Honor Society; 
Circle K Club, President; I.F.C. Treasurer; Accounting 
Club; Sophomore and Junior Marshal; U.C.C.F.; Y.D.C.; In- 
tramurals; "Who's Who Among Students in American Col- 
leges and Universities." 


Brenda Simpson Pitt-man 

Lucama, N.C. B.S., Biology 

Science Club. 

Charles Eugene Price 

Goldsboro, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club. 

Sara Lou Pritchard 

Elizabeth City, N. C. B.S., Accounting 

Durham, N. C. 

Marian Gray Pulley 

B.S., Physical Education 

Women's Dormitory, Vice-President; Dormitory Council; 
Student Counselor; Physical Education Club, Secretary and 
Publicity Chairman; W.R.A., President; Intramurals; S.N. 
E.A.; Chorus. 

New Bern, N. C. 

Eloise Martin Reel 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Omega Chi Sorority; Golden Knot Honor Society; President of 
Women's Dormitory Association; Treasurer of Women's Dor- 
mitory Association; Executive Board; Junior Class Senator; 
Freshman Class Secretary; S.N.E.A., President; Chorus; W.R. 
A.; "Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and 

James Naman Register 

Clinton, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Phi Beta Lambda, President. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Richard Lee Ribers 

Sigma Pi Fraternity 

B.S., Accounting 

Robert P. Royall 

Wilson, N. C. 

A.B., English, History 

Y.D.C., President, Vice-President, State College Organiz- 
er; Executive Board; Chairman Campus Awareness Com- 
mittee; N.S.A., Coordinator; Political Science Club; Stu- 
dent Counselor. 



Daniel Wilbert Sasser, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., Biology 

Science Club 

Marilyn Moore Seburn 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

Majorette; Student Counselor; S.N.E.A. 

Thurman I. Smith 

Roseboro, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Bolton, N. C. 

Sue Ellen Smith 

B.S., Primary Education 

Sylvia Johnson Sparks 

Kelford, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Sigma Tau Chi; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A. 

Charlie James Spell 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Wendell Chester Spruill, Jr. 

Roper, N. C. B.S., Math 

Basketball; Intramural; Science and Math Club. 

Larry Foster Stegall 

Norlina, N. C. B.S., Biology, English 


Donald Broughton Street 

Raleigh, N. C. A.B., History 

Sandra Ann Stott 

Bailey, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

S.N.E.A., Treasurer 

Douglas Lee Swain 

Beaufort, N. C. B.S., Physical Education 

Sigma Pi Fraternity; Business Club; Physical Educa- 
tion Club; Intramural Council, Representative; Cross 
Country; Intramurals. 

Eugene Murphy Sumner 

Pink Hill, N. C. A.B., History 

Christian Service Workshop; CCA. 

Patricia Anne Taylor 

Rich Square, N. C. A. B., Elementary Education 

Omega Chi Sorority, Chaplain; B.S.U.; Christian Serv- 
ice Workship; R.W.A.; S.N.E.A. 

John Edwin Thigpen 

Pikeville, N. C 

B.S., Biology 

Alpha Sigma Phi, Vice-President; Science Club; Band; Intra- 

Linda Wesbrook Thornton 

Newton Grove, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Kenneth Ray Thornton 

Newton Grove, N. C B.S., Business Administration 


Herbert J. Pippin 

Wendell, N. C. 

B.S., Accounting 

Lorrie Kay Tunnell 

Spring Hope, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

S.N.E.A.; Junior Class Day Student Representative; Day Stu- 
dent Publicity Committee. 

Bailey, N. C. 

Mary Edna Vick 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Earl Thomas Wade 

Lasker, N. C. B.S., Business Administration 

Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity; Baseball; Intramurals. 

Gerald Denver Walsron 

Wilson, N. C. 

B.S., Accounting 

"Who's Who Among Students in American Colleges and Un- 

Joyce Bryan Warren 

Newton Grove, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Ann M. Waters 

Seven Springs, N. C. B.S., Business Education 

Phi Beta Lambda; S.N.E.A. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Jo Ann Watson 

B.S., Elementary Education 
S.N.E.A.; Band. 



Linda Coburn Weaver 

Rich Square, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Sigma Tau Chi, Secretary; Woman's Dormitory Council; Stage 
and Script; W.R. A., S.N. E. A. 

Muriel Gaye Weeks 

Elizabeth City, N. C. B.S., Primary Education 

B.S.U.; S.N.E.A. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Mary Louise Westphal 

B.S., Elementary Education 

Phi Sigma Tau, President; I.F.C. Rperesentative; Treasurer 
of Cooporative Association; Business Manager of Pine Knot, 
Business Manager of Collegiate; Homecoming Queen Court 
Publication's most valuable student award; Pine Knot Court 
Band; C.C.A.; Junior-Senior Chairman; Stage and Script 
S.N.E.A.; Student Counselors; W.R. A.; Y.D.C., Vice-President. 

Donnie Wilson Wheeler 

Louisburg, N. C. B.S., Accounting 


Kannapolis, N. C. 

Gaines L. Whicker 

Science and Math Club 

A.B., Math 

Warren Martin Whitehurst, Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. A.B., History 

Sigma Phi Epsilon; Circle K; Intramurals 

Glenn Frank Whitley 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Mack Arthur Whitley 

Wilson, N. C. 

A.B, History 


George-Anne Willard 

Wilson, N. C. A.B. History, English 

Omega Chi Sorority, Scholarship Chairman, Treasurer, Re- 
cording Secretary; Golden Knot Honor Society, Secretary- 
Treasurer; "Who's Who Among Students in American Col- 
leges and Universities;" Sigma Pi Alpha; Pine Knot, Business 
Staff, Editorial Staff, Editcr in Chief; English Club; C.C.A.; 
Senior Class Secretary; Band; Majorette, Assistant head; W. 

James Thomas Williams 

Pinetops, N. C. 

B.S., Accounting 

Accounting Club. 

Philip Wayne Williams 

Robbins, N. C. 

B.S., Math 

President of Hackney Hall, Vice-President; Science and 
Math Club; Physical Education Club; Baseball; Basketball; 

Sidney Jean Wilson 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Omega Chi, Secretary, President; Cheerleader; I.F.C. Rep- 
resentative, Secretary; C.C.A.; S.N.E.A.; W.R.A., Student 
Counselor; Secretary of Junior Class. 

Paul Lewis Wilson 

Hurdle Mills, N. C. 

A.B., English 

Stage and Script; Chorus; Vocal Ensemble; Chapel Choir; 
B.S.U., Vice-President. 

Walter William Woodard, Jr. 

Pendleton, N. C. A.B., History 

Sigma Pi Alpha; Y.D.C.; S.N.E.A.; B.S.U. 

Barbara Ellen Wooten 

Elm City, N. C. B.S., Elementary Education 

Secretary of Caldwell Hall; S.N.E.A.; Chorus; Pine Knot 
Queen Court. 

Julius Curtis Wooten 

Macclesfield, N. C. 

B.S., Math 

Science Club. 


Elinor Amnions Workman 

Wilson, N. C. B.S., Elementary Eudcation 

Eureka, N. C. 

Valeria Worrell 

B.S., Primary Education 

Delia Dees Yelverron 

Fremont, N. C. B.S. Elementary Education 



Homecoming Events 

Mr. Drew Pearson was a guest on campus 

Students assist in directing alumni. 

Informal meetings strengthen the bond between the 
alumni and the College. 


Junior Class 


President Bobby Roberson 

Vice-President Jerry Ashworth 

Secretary Janice Cousins 

Treasurer Don Brubaker 

Gerald W. Abernarhy 

Fuquay Springs, N. C. 

Edna Pearl Adams 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Harold Gene Allen 

Sanford, N. C. 

Virginia W. Allen 

Farmville, N. C. 

A. Dale Arnold 

Louisburg, N. C. 

Jerry L. Ashworth 

Finly, Ind. 

William B. Autry 

Durham, N. C. 

Mahala Joyce Avent 

Whitokers, N. C. 

David H. Aycock 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

John Baganakis 

Williamsburg, N. C. 

William E. Baggett 

Richlands, N. C, 

Barbara Jean Barefoot 

Wilson, N. C. 

Betty L. Baucom 

Durham, N. C. 

Raymond C. Benthall 

Woodland, N. C. 

Billie B. Bigger 

Ronaoke, Va. 

Judith F. Bisserte 

Sims, N. C. 

Eleanor G. Bizzell 

Kinston, N. C. 

Charlie T. Bowers 

Washington, N. C. 

Tempie Brake 

Rocky Mount, N. C 

James A. Britt 

Dunn, N. C. 

Wayne M. Bunting 

Scotland Neck, N. 

Hubert W. Burden 

Hertford, N. C. 

Olinda Camden 

Wilson, N. C. 

Martha Jan Carr 

Goldsboro, N. C. 


Larry A. Carroll 

Dunn, N. C. 

Woody C. Caton 

New Bern, N.C. 

Fred Patrick Corbett 

Newport, N. C. 

E. Christine Crumpler 

Kenly, N. C. 

Florence S. Currie 

Kenansville, N. C. 

Lonnie A. Daniels, Jr. 

Morehead City, N. C. 

Jimmy C. Dougherty 

Islandton, S. C. 

Ray Warren Davis 

Warsaw, N. C. 

Brenda Claudette Deans 

Battlesboro, N. C. 

G. Valerie Deans 

Wilson, N. C. 

Barbara Ann Dixon 

Wilson, N. C. 

Carolyn A. Dixon 

Grifton, N. C. 

Roland A. Dodson 

Durham, N. C. 

Roberta Sue Eagles 

Ahoskie, N. C. 

Maurice H. Edmundson 

Fremont, N. C. 

Danny Ellis 

Fountain, N. C. 

William J. Etheridge 

Wilson, N. C. 

Lucille Eubanks 

Trenton, N. C. 

Sally B. Forbes 

Wilson, N. C. 

James M. Galvin 

Norfolk, Va. 

Lawrence L. Gibbs 

Rocky Mount, N.C. 

Raymond Arnold Hale 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Marilyn Hall 

Laurinburg, N. C. 

Sandra E. Hardison 

Williamston, N. C. 



Quinton Jay Hare 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Thomas Albert Harrell 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Robert Richard Harrigan 

Devon, Conn. 

Judy E. Hartley 

Princess Anne, Va. 

Laska Lynne Head 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Lucy Ann Hicks 

Norlina, N. C. 

Brent O'Neil Hill 

Trenton, N. C. 

Willie Hinnant, Jr. 

Kenly, N. C. 

Ruth E. Honeycutt 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Tommic Hopkins 

Middlesex, N. C. 

Boyd A. Islye 

Durham, N. C. 

Gary G. Johnson 

Frankfort, Ind. 

John T. Johnson 

Chase City, Va. 

Judith Ann Johnson 

Wallace, N. C. 

Otis H. Johnson 

Belhaven, N. C. 

Arnold O. Jones 

Wilson, N. C. 

Claude V. Jones 

Durham, N. C. 

Gareth B. Jones 

Richlands, N. C. 

Larry Jones 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Samuel O. Jones 

Washington, N. C. 

Betty Joyce Killingsworth 

Kinston, N. C. 

Vivian J. Lamm 

Kenly, N. C. 

Gloria Jane Lane 

Chesapeake, Va. 

Judy D. Lee 

Arapahoe, N. C. 



Mortimer U. Leete 

Durham, N. C. 

Elizabeth Rebecca Lennon 

Washington, N. C. 

William H. Lewis 

Farmville, N. C. 

Kay J. Little 

Wilson, N. C. 

Frank Steve Love, Jr. 

Kinston, N. C. 

Bobby Lee Lynch 

Macon, N. C. 

Kay L. McBride 

Harkers Island, N. C. 

Jerry A. Mannen 

LaGrange, N. C. 

Leone S. Massey 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Betty Ann Matthews 

Tarboro, N. C. 

Coak J. May 

Wilson, N. C. 

Carolyn Ann Mayo 

Washington, D. C. 

Horace M. Meacomes 

Bailey, N. C. 

W. Millard Meigg 

Camden, N. C. 

Russell R. Miller 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Sandra Scarlett Mills 

Kinston, N. C. 

Ann Pearce Morgan 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

JoAnne Morris 

Aulander, N. C. 

Grover Nelms 

Nashville, N. C. 

Lloyd S. Noel 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Marilyn Joyce Norville 

Farmville, N. C. 

Jane Lindsay Osgood 

New Bern, JSI . C. 

Vera D. Parisher 

Camden, N. C. 

Horace Piner 

Wilson, N. C. 



Nettie D. Pipkin 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Mary Jean Pittman 

Lucama, N. C. 

W. LaVerle Pittman 

Wilson, N. C. 

William Robert Raiford 

Kinston, N. C. 

H. Stewart Raynor 

Clinton, N. C. 

William Raymond Redding 

Wilson, N. C. 

Margaret A. Rideout 

Warnenton, N. C. 

Eddie Robinson 

Wilson, N. C. 

Margaret E. Rogerson 

Robersonville, N. C. 

C. Ann Rose 

Smithfield, N. C. 

Judith L. Rose 

Newton Grove, N. C. 

Eugene C. Satterthwait 

Plymouth, N. C. 

Sheila L. Scott 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Sarah E. Shackleford 

Wolstonburg, N. C. 

Anna Carolyn Sharpe 

Guilford College, N. 

Ruby T. Sharpe 

Wilson, N. C. 

Alice L. Shepard 

Wilson, N. C. 

Betty Jane Shepard 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Ann Mubern Smith 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Bruce Ann Smith 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Nathan Lee Smith 

LaGrange, N. C. 

Thomas L. Smith 

Gates, N. C. 

Mickie R. Snipes 

Princeton, N. C. 

James E. Sparks 

Elizabeth City, N. 



Hunter Stone 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

M. Willard Strickland 

Richmond, Va. 

Mary Lynn Stroud 

Kinston, N. C. 

Gerald T. Summerlin 

Kenly, N. C. 

Annette Tew 

Wilson, N. C. 

David L. Tharrington 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

William D. Tice 

Williomston, N. C. 

Roe Torrey 

Laurel Bay, S. C. 

Helen E. Tripp 

New Bern, N. C. 

Mary A. Tyre 

Williamston, N. C. 

John P. Upton 

Scotland Neck, N. C. 

William Douglas Vick 

Wilson, N. C. 

Bonnie S. Walker 

Selma, N. C. 

Susan R. Webb 

Kinston, N. C. 

Bobby Ray West 

Saratoga, N. C. 

Cynthia J. Wiggs 

Fremont, N. C. 

Garnet Anne Williams 

Severn, N. C. 

Kathryn Elizabeth Winchester 

Greenville, N. C. 

Rebekah R. Winstead 

Walstonburg, N. C. 

Emily Rose Wood 

Louisburg, N. C. 

Dewitt C. Woodall, Jr. 

Erwin, N. C. 

Bobby W. Woodard 

Selma, N. C. 

Frances D. Yelverton 

Wilson, N. C. 

Myoung Soon Yim 

Seoul, Korea 


Parent's Day 


"Friends, Romans, Countrymen" 


Sophomore Class 


President Richard Surles 

Vice-President Betty Brubaker 

Secretary Cathy Traylor 

Treasurer Mary Hardy 



Sigma Pi Alpha Christmas Pageant 

The Co-Op displays nativity scene 



Mary Lu Abbott 
Wilson, N. C. 

Edward P. Adams 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Theron R. Adorns, Jr. 
Willow Springs, N. C. 

Anne Amerson 

Wilson, N. C. 

Marty P. Atkins 

Richmond, Va. 

Ann Carol Baker 

Witson, N. C. 

Annette E. Banks 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

James Fred Barber 

Portsmouth, Va. 

Reba I. Barefoot 

Dunn, N. C. 

David Rex Barfield 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Glenda K. Barwick 

Kinston, N. C. 

Joan Bass 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Sandra Mae Bass 

Nashville, N. C. 

Joan Marie Beaman 
Walstonburg, N. C. 

Howard S. Benton 

Wilson, N. C. 

Stephen Ray Best 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Mary Linda Bethune 

Linden, N. C. 

Judith F. Bissette 

Sims, N. C. 

Robert A. Bonner 

Hopewell, Va. 

Donna E. Bossley 

Richlands, N. C. 

Janet L. Bottoms 

Wilson,N. C. 

Louis S. Boykin Jr. 

Wilson, N. C. 

Judy L. Brantley 

Zebulon, N. C. 

Tony C. Brewer 

Robbins, N. C. 

Elizabeth Brinson 

Mt. Rainier, Md. 

Ann Brisson 
Wilson, N. C. 

Ronnie Morgan Brown 

Sanford, N. C. 

Susan Elizabeth Brown 

Gastonia, N. C. 

Betty Ann Brubaker 

Kinston, N. C. 

Elizabeth Ann Bunn 

Wilson, N. C. 

Sandra Lee Bunn 

Sims, N. C. 

Linda Burgess 

Nigra Falls, N. C. 

Kay C. Burwell 

Oxford, N. C. 

Connie G. Cain 

Garland, N. C. 

Donald W. Cameron 

Robbins, N. C. 


John Thomas Copps 

Parkway, Va. 

Judy Corofyn Casey 
New Bern, N. C. 

Barbara A. Clifton 

Gastonia, N. C. 

Donald Bain Coe 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

James Cooke 

Belmont, N. C. 

James B. Council, Jr. 

Hallsboro, N. C. 

Joel W. Cranford 

Robbins, N. C. 

Fred W. Creech 

Selma, N. C. 

Barbara C. Croom 

Zebulon, N. C. 

Linda Helen Crowson 

Sanford, N. C. 

Sara Phylis Crutchfield 

Macon, Ga. 

Clara Vickie Daniel 

Oak City, N. C. 

Linda Ann Daniel 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Linda Tyson Daniel 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

John Boddy Daniels 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Robert James Daniels 

Morehead, N. C. 

William T. Darden 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Norman Dale Davenport 

Mackeys, N. C. 

Richard E. Davenport 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Martha Sarah Dixon 

Greenville, N. C. 

Anna Kay Douglas 
Washington, N. C. 

Bobby Ray Dunn 

Kinston, N. C. 

James B. Edgerton 

Wilson, N. C. 

Helen P. Edmundson 

Pikeville, N.C. 

Donnie Jarvis Edwards 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Sheryl Sue Elmore 

Wilson, N. C. 

Mary Helen Faison 

Smithfield, N.C. 

Kenneth R. Franke 

Norlina, N. C. 

Carol I. Gardner 

Tonawanda, N . Y. 

Freda Kay Garner 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Nannie M. Gaskins 

Bayboro, N. C. 

Rebecca Sue George 

Grifton, N. C. 

Gordon M. Gibbs 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

Johnnie C. Godwin 

Kenly, N. C. 

D. Gayle Goodwin 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 



Patricia L. Goodwin 
Apex, N. C. 

Cassandra Grady 

Kinston, N. C. 

D. Gayle Grantham 

Sanford, N. C. 

Joan Raye Gray 

Newport, N. C. 

Bobby A. Griffin 

Beulaville, N. C. 

Linda K. Griffin 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Elizabeth C. Grimes 

Robersonville, N. C. 

Paul Freddie Hale 

Wilson, N. C. 

Ernest M. Hamilton, Jr. 
Lexington, N. C. 

Carlton G. Hardee 

Greenville, N. C. 

Mary Darlene Hardy 

LaGrange, N. C. 

Mary Evelyn Hardy 

Kinston, N. C. 

Barbara Jean Harrell 

Saratoga, N. C. 

Elizabeth G. Hart 

Kinston, N. C. 

James P. Haynes 

Wilson, N. C. 

Wallace Reid Herring 

Clinton, N. C. 

William F Hewitt 

Devon, Conn. 

Willie Hinnant, Jr. 

Kenly, N. C. 

Carolyn L. Holland 

Kenly, N. C. 

Carolyn K. Howell 

Kenly, N. C. 

Tony H. Inscore 

Elm City, N. C. 

R. Donzell Johnson 

Severn, N. C. 

Mary C. Jones 

Oxford, N. C. 

Robert K. Jones 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Lloyd A. Julien 

Spring Hope, N. C 

Vivain Ann Kirk 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Hilda P. Lambert 

Calypso, N. C. 

Ca Hie Emily Lamm 

Sims, N. C. 

Carolyn M. Lamm 

Lucama, N. C. 

Jimmy S. Lamm 

Durham, N. C. 

Judy C. Lamm 

Lucama, N. C. 

Annie Ruth Lancaster 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Ruby L. Lancaster 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Pam Larmer 

Newport News, N. C 

Maloye R. Lamthan 

Wendell, N. C. 


Barbara Elizabeth Lay ton 

Edenton, N. C. 

Robert G. Leach 

Hicksville, N. C. 

Robert W. Learoyd 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Ronald W. Lee 

Four Oaks, N. C. 

Martha J. Lineberry 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Janet R. Linville 

Kenly, N. C. 

Charles M. Lockamy 

Warsaw, N. C. 

Pamela Lutz 

Wilson, N. C. 

Annette McAdams 

Kinston, N. C. 

Caleb C. McAfee 

Wilson, N. C. 

Dennis B. McCotter 

Arapahoe, N. C. 

Ronald McKeel 

Wilson, N. C. 

Michael J. Maciaga 

Wilson, N. C. 

F. Carole Malone 
Kinston N. C. 

Lester H. Mason 

Durham, N. C. 

Faye L. Massey 

Pikeville, N. C. 

James L. Matthews 

Wilson, N. C. 

Martha Sue Mewborn 

Kinston, N. C. 

Robert N. Moore 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

L. Annette Mosley 

FarmviMe, N. C. 

Edgar Oliver Murphrey 

FarmviMe, N. C. 

Mary Speight Murphy 

Stantonsburg, N. C. 

Mary Lois Neel 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

Lynn D. Norfleet 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Betty Lou Norville 

Wilson, N. C. 

Everett Mike O'Neill 
Colonial Beach, Va. 

Donald E. Owens 

Walstonburg, N. C. 

George B. Owens 

Gates, N. C. 

Marjorie A. Owens 

Colonial Beach, Va. 

James E. Parks 

Henderson, N. C. 

Mary Ann Parks 

LaGrange, N. C. 

J. Robert Parvin 

Ahoskie, N. C. 

Mary Beth Perkins 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Shirley C. Phelps 

Columbia, N. C. 

Charles F. Phillips 

Niagara Falls, N. Y. 



Frances R. Pittman 

Fairmont, N. C. 

Judy F. Poythress 

Wilson, N. C. 

Stephen D. Price 

Wilson, N. C. 

Alie C. Privette 

Wilson, N. C. 

Emmitt Lee Rackley 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

G. Maie Raines 

Wilson, N. C. 

Anne P. Ratterree 

Matthews, N. C. 

James M. Reel 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Zemla J. Reynolds 

Kinston, N. C. 

Gary F. Russell 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Carolyn Sanders 
Middlesex, N. C. 

Lynda M. Sawyer 

Winston-Salem, N. 

Barbara G. Shaw 

Four Oaks, N. C. 

James K. Shooke 

Belmont, N. C. 

Julia A. Sigmon 

Stanley, N. C. 

Joan Lee Sims 

Wilson, N. C. 

Rhandal N. Smart 

Hamlet, N. C. 

Amelia J. Smith 

Garland, N. C. 

Deborah L. Smith 

Brooklyn, N. Y. 

Patricio Ann Smith 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Judith G. Spell 

Cottageville, S. C. 

Jane L. Stalling* 
Wilson, N. C. 

Beulah E. Stark 

Wilson, N. C. 

Ronald L. Stephenson 

Kinston, N. C. 

Mary Lou Strickland 

Farmville, N. C. 

Larry J. Strong 

Hamlet, N. C. 

Richard C. Surles 

Wilson, N. C. 

Larry W. Taylor 

Snow Hill, N. C. 

William G. Thompson 

Colonial Beach, Va. 

B. Kaye Thornton 
Benson, N. C. 

Vicki J. Tolston 

Red Oak, N. C. 

Kathleen J. Traylor 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

William H. Troutman 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Helen S. Tugwell 

Wilson, N. C. 

Moody Elwood Vann 
Durham, N. C. 



Dorothy S. Vick 

Wilson, N. C. 

Annie Wancyster 

Kenly, N. C. 

Reuben N. Watkins 

Wilson, N. C. 

David M. Webb 

Wilson, N. C. 

Kathryn W. Webb 
Wilson, N. C. 

Marcia D. Webb 

Wilson, N. C. 

George R. Westbrook 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Edith Anne Wester 

Wilson, N. C. 

Earl Bryant White 

Edenton, N. C. 

Joyce W. Whitfield 

Kenly, N. C. 

Carol Ann Wickham 

Smithfield, N. C. 

John J. Williams 

Morris Plains, N. J. 

Mary Ann Williams 

Roanoke Rapids, N. C. 

Roger F. Williams 

Pinetown, N. C. 

Shirley Williams 

Wilson, N. C. 

Nancy Williamson 

Sue L. Wilson 

Dunn, N. C. 

Linda F. Winborne 

Wilson, N. C. 

Jonah T. Windham 

Fremont, N. C. 

Patricia A. Windhan 

Wilson, N. C. 

William Scott Worsham 

Niagara Falls, N.. Y. 

Susanne B. Yeomans 

Harkers Island, N. C. 



7\ (g) 

m r on floor. >m 








Freshman Class 


President Lloyd Owens 

Secretary and Treasurer Carol Wells 

Senator Ronnie Lambert 


Coffee break? 

'Shake a tail feather" 

Kick Line 



Carrie B. Abernathy 

Wilson, N. C. 

Barbara W. Adams 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Gaye Garris Adams 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Richard D. Adams 

Colonial Beach, Va. 

Ernest B. Alexander Jr. 

Bethel, N. C. 

Wilmoth Faye Allen 
Princeton, N. C. 

Constance Lee Altman 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Marilyn J. Askew 

Norfolk, Va. 

Frances E. Atkins 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Charles E. Babb 

Lillington, N. C. 

Candis P. Bailey 

Wake Forest, N. C. 

Suzanne S. Bailey 

Kenly, N. C. 

Tommy P. Baker 

Newport News, Va. 

Gail E. Barkley 

Sharpsburg, N. C. 

Barbara A. Barnes 

Kenly, N. C. 

Edwin S. Beaman 

Snow Hill, N. C. 

Barbara J. Bennett 

Wilson, N. C. 

Bobby G. Bennett 

Whitakers, N. C. 

Doris Mozelle Best 

Clinton, N. C. 

Sarah E. Beverly 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Elizabeth Ann Biggs 

Wilson, N. C. 

Lucy C. Biggs 

Williamston, N. C. 

Grace J. Bissette 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Marilyn G. Bittle 

Williamston, N. C. 

Sue C. Blanford 
Nashville, N. C. 

Judy R. Bone 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Ronnie E. Boyd 

Sanford, N. C. 

Catherine M. Boyette 

Wilson, N. C. 

Marshall E. Boykin 

Wilson, N. C. 

R. Connie Brewer 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Gilbert F. Brinson 

Grantsboro, N. C. 

James R. Brown Jr. 
Bath, N. C. 

Thurmon B. Bruffey 

Wilson, N. C. 

V. Charles Bruton 

Fremont, N. C. 

Mary Ann Bryant 

Zebulon, N. C. 

Betty Jean Bunn 

Wilson, N. C. 

James Clifton Cale 

Wilson, N. C. 

Brenda L. Campbell 

Rocky Mount, N. ' 

Amy O'Dell Causby 

Belmont, N. C. 

Rose Marie Collins 

Nashville, N. C. 



Joseph W. Copper 

Windsor, N. C. 

Sarah P. Cox 

Washington, N. C. 

William R. Cratt 

Robersonville, N. C. 

James E. Curtis 

Washington, D C. 

William H. Dail 

Chinquapin, N. C. 

William M. Daniel 

Elm City, N. C. 

Elizabeth Ann Davis 

Wilson, N. C. 

JoAnn Davis 
Deposit, N. Y. 

Linda D. Deans 

Wilson, N. C. 

J. Karen DeHart 

Spray, N. C. 

Nancy Jo Denmark 

LaGrange, N. C. 

Donald C. Diamond 

Chevy Chase, Mo. 

Wifliam Thomas Dixon 

Wilson, N. C. 

Lynda F. Driver 

Wilson, N. C. 

Susan L. DuVal 

Pollocksville, N. C. 

William J. Eastman 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Edward C. Ecklin 

Rocky Mount, N. C 

William L. Edwards 

Sharpsburg, N. C. 

Erenda J. Ellis 

Wilson, N. C. 

Terry V. Ellis 

Macclesfield, N. C. 

W. Daniel Ellis 

Wilson, N. C. 

Donna J. Ervin 

Clinton, N. C. 

Carol Evans 

Orlando, N. C. 

Gary H. Fields 

Garland, N. C. 

George A. Fleming 

Warrenton, N. C. 

William C. Foreman 

Kill Devil Hill, N. ( 

Gordon D. Fufp 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Betty Sue Garner 

Robbins, N. C. 

Herbert M. Gay, Jr. 

Walstonburg, N. C. 

Sylvia A. Gilgo 

Oriental, N. C. 

Evelyn Mae Gooch 

Butner, N. C. 

Mary J. Gooden 

Elizabethtown, N. C. 

Connie E. Goodwin 

Sanford, N. C. 

William R. Goodwin 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Halbert W. Green 

Vineland, N. J. 

Phyllis Ann Hales 

Middlesex, N. C. 

Martha Jo Hall 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Paul K. Hamlin 

Kinston, N. C. 

JoAnn Hardison 

Wilson, N. C. 

William O. Harrell 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 



Suzanne E. Harris 

Branchville, Va. 

W. Malvio Harris, Jr. 
Washington, N. C. 

Carolyn J. Haskins 

Stem, North Carolina 

Emma Sue Hawes 

Rose Hill, North Carolina 

Barbara M. Hay 

Maysville, N. C. 

Barbara Phyllis Hayes 

Wilson, North Carolina 

Toby Franklin Heath 

Trenton, North Carolina 

Wm. Oliver Hedgepeth 

Wilson, North Carolina 

Pamela S. Herczogh 

Arlington, Va. 

Mary Louise Hess 

Princeton, N. C. 

Elmer J. Hobbs Jr. 

Gatesville, N. C. 

John D. Hobgood . Jr. 

Grove, N. C. 

Gary Allen Hocutt 
Wendell, N. C. 

Linda J. Honeycutt 

Clinton, North Carolina 

Sandra K. Honeycutt 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Charles B. Hooks 

Selma, N. C. 

Wm. Harver Hooks 

Fremont, N. C. 

Rebecca Horn 

Wilson, N. C. 

Ann Carolyn Horton 

Wilson, N. C. 

Horace Horwell 

Chocowinty, N. C. 

Cullen V. Howell 

Wilson, N. C. 

Lida V. Howell 

Pikeville, N. C. 

Vera L. Howell 

Fletcher, N. C. 

Brooks P. Hylemon 

Williamsburg, Va. 

Walter F. Ives Jr. 

Trenton, N. C. 

Terry George Jackson 

Annandale, Va. 

Rita G. Johnson 

Kinston, N. C. 

Ruby Mae Johnson 
Jefferson, S. C. 

Sally J. Johnson 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Brenda F. Jones 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Curtis W. Jones 

Clayton, N. C. 

Hugh Steve Jones 
Goldsboro, N. C. 

Sandra F. Jones 

Dover, N. C. 

Harold W. Jones 

Wilson, N. C. 

Billy R. Joyner 

Spring Hope, N. C. 

Hilda Jean Joyner 

Rocky Mount, N. 

Mary Sue Joyner 

Nashville, N. C. 

Vicki C. Joyner 

Durham, N. C. 

Stanley H. Keel 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Marshall R. Kelly 

Sanford, N. C. 



Margaret A. Kerr 

Camp LeJeune 

Linda F. King 

Nashville, N. C. 

Delia Anne Koonce 

Trenton, N. C. 

Ronnie J. Lambert 

Robbins, N. C. 

Arthur L. Langley 

Selma, N. C. 

Charlotte A. Lawrence 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Henry Stuart Lee 

Elizabeth City, N. C. 

Frances Lela Liles 

Wilson, North Carolina 

Janet R. Linville 

Kenly, N. C. 

Peggy C. MacMillan 

Clinton, N. C. 

Patsy W. McCarol! 

Midway Park, N. C. 

Josepy D. McClees 

Oriental, N. C. 

Janie R. McCormick 

Knob Noster, Mo. 

Sammy E. McPahil 

Burlington, N. C. 

Barbara M. Makholm 

Berkeley Heights, N. J. 

James K. Martin 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Charles Gary Massengill 

Kinston, N. C. 

Wanda E. Matthews 

Nashville, N. C. 

Peggy J. Medlin 

Louisburg, N. C. 

Gary Melville 

Maysville, N. C. 

Max H. Mitchell 

Kenly, N. C. 

Patsy N. Mizelle. 

Scotland Neck, N 

Ivan F. Moore 

Whitakers, N. C. 

Steven C. Moore 

Whitakers, N. C. 

Harold E. Mooring 

Princeton, N. C. 

Clarence Hardy Moye 

Farmville, N. C. 

Frances Betsy Nash 

Winston-Salem, N. C. 

Mary W. Nixon 

Hertford, N. C. 

Larry B. Norris 

Garland, N. C. 

Charles A. Northcutt 

Clinton, N. C. 

Dewey B. Overman 

Wilson, N.C. 

William C. Overman 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Lloyd A. Owens 

Plymouth, N. C. 

Anthony DeVan Painter 

Fuquoy, N. C. 

Carolyn G. Painter 

Wendell, N. C. 

Patricia Ann Parker 

Clinton, S. C. 

Charles L. Pate 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

August R. Peters 

Washington, N. C. 

Kathryn A. Phelps 

Wilson N. C. 

Brenda Jo Philips 

Clinton, N. C. 




Helen Phillips 

Wilson, N. C. 

Garland M. Pike 

Trenton, N. C. 

C. Sarah Poe 

Sanford, N. C. 

Larry J. Poore 

Washington, N. C. 

Chicky Port 

Bethesda, Md. 

M. Rex Potter 

New Bern, N. C. 

John D. Privette 

Wilson, N. C. 

Daniel B. Quinn 

Vanceboro, N. C. 

Janie P. Radford 

Rocky Mount, N. 

Jackie L. Redding 

Rocky Mount, N. 

Mary Lee Redding 

Wilson, N. C. 

Barbara L. Reed 

Murfreesboro, N. C. 

Danny S. Rhodes 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Ilene R. Rich 

Durham, N. C. 

Irene R. Rich 

Durham, N. C. 

Charles F. Richards 

Kensington, Md. 

George W. Bickman 

Wilson, N. C. 

Larry K. Richmond 

Falls Church, Va. 

Thomas O. Riley 

Wilson, N. C. 

Philip W. Ritter 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Patricia K. Rivenbark 

Kinston, N. C. 

Ann R. Roberson 

Washington, N. C. 

Glenda L. Roberson 

Roberson vi Me, N. C. 

Tommy A. Roberson 

Scotland Neck, N. C. 

Nanette M. Rogers 

Durham, N. C. 

Joseph B. Rose Jr. 

Kinston, N. C. 

James C. Ross 

Morehead City, N. C. 

John A. Rouse 

Seven Springs, N. C. 

Laura P. Rowe 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

William W. Sadler 

Warren, Va. 

Carolyn D. Sams 

Wilson N. C. 

J. Dwight Sanderford 

Wendell, N. C. 

Dera D. Shearin 

Louisburg, N. C. 

Jackie C. Sholar 

Beulaville, N. C. 

Ronnie H. Skinner 

Wilson, N. C. 

Allan A. Smith 

Greenwich, Conn. 

Carolyn F. Smith 

Princeton, N. C. 

Rebekah A. Smith 

Sanford, N. C. 

Sandra D. Sorrell 

Benson, N. C. 

Mary Ann Speight 

Elm City, N. C. 



Trudie A. Stancil 

Kenly, N. C. 

Beulah E. Stark 

Wilson, N. C. 

Robert F. Steed 

Fuquay Springs, N. 

Robert G. Stevens 

Sanford, N. C. 

Joe C. Stevenson 

Wilson, N. C. 

Walter B. Stowe 

Oriental, N. C. 

Robert W. Strickland 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Anna K. Sugg 

Tarboro, N. C. 

Nina Rae Sutton 

Beaufort, N. C. 

Jane Tarrant 

Henderson, N. C. 

Gene A. Taylor 

Wilson, N. C. 

Kenneth B. Taylor 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Lucy Elizabeth Taylor 

Washington, N. C. 

Billy J. Thigpen 

Stantonsburg, N. C. 

Hadley O. Thomas 

Raleigh, N. C. 

Margaret R. Thomas 

Wendell, N. C. 

Julia Ann Thompson 

Kinston, N. C. 

David R. VanBlon 
Kinston, N. C. 

Robert Wade 

Wilson, N. C. 

Jean C. Wagner 

Statesville, N. C. 

Vicki J. Wall 

Durham, N. C. 

Carol Warrick 

Goldsboro, N. C. 

Celia L. Watson 

Lucama, N. C. 

Maryann R. Weaver 

Bergen, N. Y. 

Lib Webb 

Fountain, N. C. 

Sylvia V. Webb 

Wilson, N. C. 

Carol Lelfa Wells 

Kinston, N. C. 

Cynthia K. Westbrook 

Kinston, N. C. 

Alonza F. Wetherington 

Cove City, N. C. 

Jo Ann Wheeler 

Wilson N. C. 

Mark Edward White 

Jacksonville, S. C. 

Betsy L. Whitfield 

Oriental, N. C. 

Rayford B. Whitley 
Wendell, N. C. 

Brenda B. Williams 

Clinton, N. C. 

Janice R. Williams 

Greenville, N. C, 

R. Gaylor Williams 

Mount Olive, N. C. 

Sylvia C. Williams 

Jacksonville, N. C. 

Peggy I. Williamson 

Clinton, N. C. 

Sandra K. Willis 

Morehead City, N. 

Jane O. Wilson 

Louisburg, N. C. 


Nancy J. Wilson 

Henderson, N. C. 

Harry W. Winslow 
Hertford, N. C. 

Bogart M. Winstead 
Raleigh, N. C. 

Laura A. Wolfe 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 

Rosalie E. Womble 

Macclesfield, N. C. 

Dewitt C. Woodall, Jr. 

Erwin, N. C. 

Stephen L. Woodcock 

Washington, N. C. 

Michael D. Yount 

Hickory, N. C. 

Michael R. Yurcic 

Wellsville, N. C. 

Special Students 

Janet G. Black 

Wilson, N. C. 

Bobby B. Boswell 

Grimesland, N. C. 

Donna K. Dawson 

Rocky Mount, N. C. 

Kathryn K. Flowers 

Mt. Olive, N. C. 






The Executive Board of the Cooperative 
Association has been the focal point of 
campus activity this year. The Board has 
sought to serve the students in their best 
interests and to establish a line of com- 
munication between the faculty, admini- 
stration, and students. 

It has been hectic, tiring, and confusing, 
but no one would deny the worth of it all. 
True, the valleys were deep, but the peaks 
were high and we made it what it was. 

Seated: Maurice Belanger, President. Standing (left to right): Mary Louise West- 
phal, Treasurer; Jerry Askworth, Vice President; Goldie Douglas, Secretary. 

Standing (left to right): Rex Home, Janice Lamm, Linda Griffin, 
Lloyd Owens, Bobby Roberson, Sheila Scott, Cookie Wickham, Vir- 
ginia Allen, Richard Surles, Oden Lathem, Mary Louise Westphal, 

Maurice Belanger. Seated (left to right): Lucy Biggs, Stuart Lee, 
Sally Forbes, Sammy Jones, Eloise Reel, Bobby Anderson, Advisor; 
Robert Bennett, Advisor; Goldie Douglas, Jerry Ashworth. 

' I 

The Collegiate 

The Collegiate records weekly the events per- 
tinent to the life of the campus as a whole. 
The staff is selected from the student body and 
they represent all phases and departments of the 

The Collegiate presents an opportunity for 
open discussion of the problems before the stu- 
dents, and carries the news of the student's 
life to friends, patrons, and alumni. The Collegi- 
ate has become a vital element of the campus 

Alice Shepard 


David Webb 

Business Manager 

Seated (left to right): Laura Wolfe, Linda Griffin, Kathy Traylor, Dwight Wagner Patsy 
beburn, Jerry Elmore, Kent Conner, Alice Shepard, David Webb, and Brent Hill. 


[Pine Dlnoi 

The topic of time has become more meaningful for 
us, the PINE KNOT Staff, than we realized when we 
fisrt chose it for our theme during this past summer. 
Who would have thought that the hours we wasted 
getting Cokes from Tweetie's, smoking cigarettes, run- 
ning to Harper Hall, arguing with Exec Board mem- 
bers — would return to haunt us in the last hectic mom- 
ents before the PINE KNOT was finally sent to press. 

Of course the hours seemed unending as we tried 
to match class photo with their proper owner, racked 
our already worn-out minds for the proper ways to our 
coverages of A.C..C happenings, and searched franti- 
cally for misplaced pictures. However, as deadline after 
deadline came and went, time became one thing we 

wished we had more of as the final day drew closer 
and closer. 

Burning the midnight oil in the Co-op Building — 
finding out that matches were no substitute for a good 
hearter — patching up the window that one of our over- 
anxious member broke one night — rushing to the Post 
Office just before the final mail was to be sent out. 
All these and many more experiences were just a small 
part of our year as Pine Knot Staff members. 

Our reward comes with the hope that our efforts will 
be appreciated by you — the Atlantic Christian College 
family — for whom and to whom this year's Pine Knot 
is dedicated .... 

Carolyn Cameron 


Janet Kelly 

Assistant Editor 

Malvia Harris 


Judy Rose 

Business Manager 

Mr. Milton Rogerson 


Editorial Staff 

Student Life 

Carolyn Cameron, Penny Kirk 


Janet Kelly, Mike O'Neill 


Bobby Roberson and Marcia Kallfelz 


Elizabeth Ferrell, Pam Herczogh, Brenda Phillips, Martha Mewborn, Ann 

Administration and Classes 

Kathryn Winchester, Joyce Avent, Lyn Mayo, Doris 
Barefoot, Kay Little. 



The Women's Dormitory Association for 
the year 1963-64 was presided over by 
Eloise Reel. The Association is composed 
of all resident women. 

Under the guidance of Miss Sarah Bain 
Ward, the Association sponsored a drive at 
Christmas to obtain gifts for under-privi- 
leged children. The caroling activities were 
also under the direction of the Association. 

The purpose of the Association Council 
is to improve the privileges of resident wo- 
men and to decide upon disciplinary meas- 

Standing (left to right): Eloise Reel, President of the Association; Linda 
Forrest, President of Caldwell; Judy Lee, Secretary of the Association; Beth 
Clayton, President of Harper; Lynn Osgood, Treasurer of the Association; 
Marian Pulley, Vice-President; and Miss Sarah Bain Ward. 

Dorm Association Meeting 



The Men's Dormitory Association, 
under the faculty supervision of 
Dean Daniel Hensley, is composed 
of all residents of Hackney Hall and 
Hackney Hall Annex. 

The House Council, which is the 
governing body of the Men's Dorm- 
itory Association, decided upon the 
rules and regulations needed during 
the year. 

The Association had a very good 
year in many respects including its 
intramural sports program and 
Christmas Dance. It enriched campus 
life with Atlantic Christian College 
at heart. 

Standing (left to right); Sammy Jones, President; Phil 
Smart, Secretary and Treasurer; and Dean Daniel Hensley. 

Williams, Vice-President; Rhandal 

A typical scene 


The Chorus this year spent much of its time preparing for the presenta- 
tion at Christmas time of the Vivaldi "Gloria". Another highlight of the 
fall term was a trip to Miami Beach for the International Convention of 
Christian Churches in October. The trip was made by the vocal ensemble 
and of singers from the chorus. Other tour plans for the spring and the pos- 
sibility of a recording session for both the Ensemble and Chorus have made 
this a full year for both groups. 

Vocal Ensemble 

Atlantic Christian College Chorus 

I y § i I i r # t § $ t 



The Atlantic Christian College Brass Ensemble is 
composed of selected first-chair players from the ACC 
Concert Band. Since its organization in the Spring Sem- 
ester of 1962 by its director, Mr. Neal O'Neal, the 
Brass Ensemble has performed in Rocky Mount, Wash- 
ington as well as for numerous occasions in Wilson. 
Its repertory includes selections extending from the 
Renaissance to the Modern Period of music history. 

The Atlantic Christian College Band, under the dir- 
ection of Mr. Neal O'Neal, functions in adual capa- 
city, serving as both a marching and a concert organi- 

The forty-five piece Bulldog Marching Band appears 
throughout the state in a variety of festivals and par- 
ades. A high point of the year is the annual weekend 
trip to Wilmington, North Carolina, for the Azalea 
Festival Parade. 

The Atlantic Christian College Concert Band presents 
its regular series of Fall and Spring "Pops" Concerts. 
In addition, it performs each year during the Home- 
coming activities and during the graduation exercises 
on the campus. 

Seated (left to right): Becky Lennon, Paul Hamlin, Charles Burt, 
Marcus Hamilton, Larry Respass. 

Atlantic Christian College Band 

MAJORETTES — (left to right): Ruth 

Ann Tyson, Janet Bottoms, Head; 

Val Deans, Dianne Sorrel I, Barbara 


Stage and Script 

This year the members of Stage and Script were headed by 
B. H. Marshall, as President, and Cecil Willis as Director. The 
first production was "Out of the Frying Pan," a successful Board- 
way play. The play concerned a group of struggling young actors 
trying to get a break on Broadway. Grace Driscoll, Fred Barber, 
George Farr, Betty Gray, Floyd Harnage, and Rae Torrey played 
the parts of the young thespeans. The young people live in the 
same apartment, and though the arrangement is quite proper 
problems arise when the Father of the young lady who supports 
them finds out what is going on. 

The next play was a complete change of pace which showed 
murder and mayhem in England. "Night Must Fall" starred Bob 
Royall protraying a baby-faced murderer, and his victim was a 
hypochondriacal English lady who was played by Grace Driscoll. 

Again this year, Stage and Script put on the outside Shakes- 
pearean Festival. This year's presentation was "Midsummer Nights 
Dream" and it was the biggest production of this year's schedule. 
This year's work gave the people interested in the world of 
drama a chance to learn about their fields of interest, and put 
their knowledge to work. 

"Out of the Frying Pan" starring Grace Driscoll, Fred Barber, Floyd Harnage, Penny Kirk, and 
Robert Royall. 


Convincing Jo Anne that being a corpse in a play is valliant work she has been dying to do. 

Inspecting the spattered catsup corpse. 


Seated; (left to right) Scarlett Mills, Anne Koonce, Ann Hayes, Carol Gardner, Kathy 
Traylor. tanding: (left to right) Dean Dan Hensley, Stuart Lee, Sammy Jones, and 
Eugene Sumner. 

Campus Christian 

As Students enter the college community 
hee at Atlantic Christian College, they become 
a part of the Campus Christian Association. 
To what extent this becomes a part of the 
student is determined by the individual. 

The purpose of the Campus Christian Asso- 
ciation is to stimulate and motivate students 
to religious awareness. This is done through a 
series of programs which are planned and 
executed by the CCA Cabinet. There have 
been on campus this year outstanding men 
with challenging messages who enabled us to 
be provided with different types of religious 
emphasis. Among our distinguished guests this 
year have been, Dr. Carlye Marney, Dr. Leon- 
ard Cramer, and Dr. George Buttrick. 

Among other programs of a different var- 
iety has been the CCA's participation in the 
Christmas Vespers presented by the Depart- 
ment of Music, a musical satire entitled "For 
Heaven's Sake," and a concert of sacred music 
presented by an outstanding college chorus. 

Campus Awareness 

The Campus Awareness Committee was 
formed for the purpose of keeping the entire 
association informed on important national 
and international affairs. Any issue which con- 
cerns the student, either directly or indirectly, 
is dealt with by this committee. The committee 
consists of Robert Royall, Chairman; Mr. Cecil 
Willis, Advisor; and two members from each 

was responsible for the initial organization 
the Presidential Election. 

- — 

_^awt L 

Jf^l ^k^ jf* 

fi ; . if flh*. ^&V > ' ^ fll fe 

is Jr^'^^E^^^R^B 

HVr^. -7^^| 

m mM 

^^M - ' J^n : 

^^^^^■^- -Sum i 

pHr | ^C 

£ -:e :: : '■ ' """ ■;,:■■■-■,..■.■.■■.;. 

B 5 

'"m" ■■'■ : ^- : -"'"' ;: '- 

;; : ^ : . : ■:■-;->:■ '■: ■■ 

■■,•• i . — — ; — ■ 



Accounting Club 

The Accounting Club of Atlantic Christian 
College was formed in the Fall of 1957 and 
chartered in January, 1958. The purposes of 
the organization are to emphasize the impor- 
tance of accounting and its place in the busi- 
ness world, and to provide a source of infor- 
mation for students of elementary courses 
for problems that they may incur. 

During the 1963-64 year the Accounting 
Club met monthly, having as its program guest 
speakers representing the Internal Revenue 
Service and General Accounting Office. To 
be a member of the club a student must 
be at least a sophomore and in good stand- 
ing with the college; he must have completed 
six hours of accounting and be enrolled in 
intermediate accounting; and he must be 
planning to take a minimum of eighteen 
hours in accounting courses. 

Phi Beta Lambda 

Phi Beta Lambda, the business fraternity 
on campus, acted as a service organization 
to the Department of Business and to the 
entire college. 

Eligibility for membership in Phi Beta 
Lambda required that each candidate earn 
an overall "C" average with a further pre- 
requisite of three semester hours in the field 
of business. 

Throughout the year, the business organi- 
zation secured well-qualified quest speakers 
to address the members of the regular meet- 

Left to right: Mary Hardy, Chaplain; Linda Griffin, Secretary; Eloise Reel, President; 
Billy Kilpatrick, Vice-President; Sandra Stott, Treasurer; Walter Woodard, Member- 
ship chairman. Second row; Shiela Scott, Betty Baucom, Lynn Houseman, Carolyn 
Boyette, Ruth Honeycutt, Joan Gray. Third row; Barbara Wooten, Cynthia Wiggs, 
Beth Grimes, Suzanne Yeomans, Eugene Sumner, Mary Vick, Shelva Jean Mann. 
Fourth row; Nannie Gaskins, Lynn Osgood, Goldie Douglas, Carolyn Cameron, Madge 
Rogerson, Marian Pulley, Carolyn Sanders, Julius Wooten, and Gene Purvis, Advisor. 


Eloise Reel served as President of the Clyde 
A. Erwin Chapter of the Student National Edu- 
cational Association the past year. Mr. Eugene 
Purvis was the faculty advisor for the group. 
Members enrolled in the club totaled well over 
a hundred and the year was a most successful 
one. Members attended the Spring Convention 
held in Raleigh, aided opportunity families at 
Christmas, and had numerous guest speakers. 
These future teachers gained much insight into 
the ethics and goals of their proposed profession. 

Science and 
Mathematics Club 

The Science and Mathematics Club, which is 
affiliated with the North Carolina Collegiate 
Academy of Science, was presided over by the 
President, Julius Wooten. Dr. J. P. Tyndall pro- 
vided guidance as faculty advisor. The programs 
were planned with the objective of the club in 
mind. The objective of the club is to promote 
interest in and appreciation of the various fields 
of science and mathematics and to help in the 
intelligent application of this knowledge to make 
life more enjoyable and worthwhile. 

Front row: Tempie Brake, Secretary-Treasurer; Hartwell Fuller, Vice-President; Julius 
Wooten, President; Mr. W. A. Bridgers. Second row; Gary Russell, Raymond Hale, Mary 
Britt. Third row; James Jenkins, James Adams, Diane Moore, Judy Casey. Fourth row; 
Warren Tait, Robert Hollar, and Diane Anderson. 

Music Club 

The Music Club of Atlantic Christian College commences its second year 
since its founding in the Spring Semester of 1963. The chief objective of 
the Club is to provide for the beneficial and worthwhile association of 
those students on campus who share a common interest in the field of Music. 

At regularly schelduled weekly meetings, the membership enjoys a varie- 
ty of informal programs of a musical nature. The A. C. C. Music Club 
is off to a good start and looks forward to many years of continued growth. 

Standing (left to right): Neal 
O'Neal, Advisor; Olinda Cam- 
den, Vice-President; Becky Len- 
non, President; Janice LeCelle, 

Seated: (left to right): Neal O'Neal, Becky Lennon, Olinda Cam- 
den, Janice LaCelle, Ann Biggs, Ricky Rickman, Paul Wilson, Jerry 
Lopp, Ann Hayes, Barbara Dixion, Beth Grimes, Jimmy Counsil, Lloyd 

Owens, Larry Respass, Martha Linberry. 
Burt, Jo Ann Davis, Jimmy Dougherty. 

Not Pictured: Charles 


Sigma Pi Alpha 

Sigma Pi Alpha, honorary lan- 
guage fraternity, has served as a 
worthy organization for foreign lan- 
guage students and those interested in 
broadening their horizons with in- 
creased knowledge of the language 
and customs of other countries. There 
have been foreign guest speakers . . . 
exhibitions . . . Christmas party . . . 
skits . . . readings . . . discussions . . . 
refreshments . . . and fun! 

Young Democrats 

Among the political organizations at At- 
lantic Christian during the 1963-64 term was 
the Young Democrats Club. The Young Demo- 
crats Club concentrated its energies on foster- 
ing interest in the problems of each segment 
of our government and encouraging young 
people to affiliate themselves with the Demo- 
crate Party. Robert Royall was elected Presi- 
dent of the club and Mr. Gordon Mercer ser- 
ved the group as sponsor. 

Activities included the exciting State Young 
Democrats Convention at Charlotte, the 
"kickoff rally" for Judge L. Richardson 
Preyer at Greensboro and the Annual Winter 
Rally at Raleigh. 

Young Republican 

The purpose of the Young Republican Club 
is to increase interest in the Republician 
Party and to give practical training in lead- 
ership and Party structure. Meetings are open 
to all persons regardless of political affilia- 

First semester President, Ralph Gurganus, 
was responsible for the initicial organization 
of this year's active club. The club began its 
activities by sponsoring noted Attorney, John 
Wilkenson, who discussed many phases of the 
policital system. 

Plans were made to attend the State Con- 
vention. Service projects were planned to aid 
the local party. Important issues were dis- 
cussed in preparation for debates concerning 
the Presidencial Election. 


Golden Knot Honor Society 

The Golden Knot Honor Society was organized in 1938, it is 
now the official honor society of Atlantic Christian College. The 
members strive to promote and uphold the ideals of this institu- 
tion as well as of the society itself. Membership is an honor — 
an award for outstanding achievement in scholarship, leadership, 
character, and service. 

The Honor Society was headed by Gina Allen as President 
and George-Anne Willard as Secretary-Treasurer. Dr. William E. 
Tucker served as the advisor of this honor group. 

To do things 

worthy of honor 

through difficulties" 

Seated (from left to right): Virginia Allen, President; George-Anne Willard, Secretary-Treas- 
urer; Dr. William E. Tucker, Advisor. Standing (from left to right): Eloise Reel, Ann Hayes, 
Goldie Douglas, Maurice Belanger, and Janice Lamm. 






1 1 






In November, twelve seniors of Atlantic Christian 
College were named to the Who's Who Among Stu- 
dents in American Universities and Colleges. The re- 
cipients of this honor were chosen by a vote of the 
college faculty and administration. They were selected 
on the basis of their scholarship, leadership and citi- 
zenship qualities. 

David C. Adkins 

Fred Stanley Ayscue 

C. E. Maurice Belanger 

Linda Lou Bunn 

Goldie Mae Douglas 

Virginia Ann Hayes 

Rexford Lee Home 

Janice Elizabeth Lamm 

George Thomas Pippin 

Eloise M. Reel 

Gearld D. Walston 

George-Anne Willord 


Coak Junior May 

Helen P. Edmundson 

Lyn Osgood 

Moody Elwood Vann 

Kathy Traylor 

Philip Wayne Ritter 

Phillis Holes 


Inter Fraternity 


Ed Perkins President 

Rober Bonner Vice-President 

Mary Johnston Secretary 

Tom Pippin Treasurer 

The Inter Fraternity Council, the law-making organi- 
zation which governs, strengthens, and promotes Greek 
life at Atlantic Christian College, was presided over 
by President Ed Perkins, of Delta Sigma Phi. The 1963- 
64 year of t hel.F.C. was very much a success. 

The Council started the 1963-64 program by sending 
to incoming Freshmen attractive brochures that told 
about I.F.C. and the individual Greek organizations on 
our campus. At the beginning of Freshman Orientation, 
a wiener roast was held for the new students followed 
by a dance on the patio of the classroom Building. 

Fall Rush was held October 7-10, under the super- 
vision and direction of Robert Bonner. Rushees were to 
visit all four sororities or fraternities in order to be 
eligible to receive a bid On February 6 and 7, Spring 
Rush was held in the same manner. 

The social highlight of the year for the Greeks was 
Greek Week. Beginning on March 17, a carnival was 
held on center campus for everyone. During the week, 
the Greeks scheduled a Greek Sing, a Stunt Night, a 
banquet, and a dance. As a climax to Greek Week and 
to the many activities of the Inter Fraternity Council, 
a concert was given by Ian and Sylvia. 

Standing from left to right: 

Johnston, and Tom Pippin. 

Ed Perkins, Robert Bonner, Mary 

Ian and Sylvia 


Nannie Gaskins, Judy Lee, Horton Godwin, Ed Perkins, Lib 
Shackleford, David Peebles, Tom Pippin, Cookie Hart, Mary Be- 
thune, Joyce Avent, William Gill, Robert Bonner, Dean Dan 
Hensley, Mary Hardy, Lou Craig, Gene Gregory, Bobby Rober- 
son, Goldie Douglas, Dean Robert Bennett, and Dean Sarah Bain 


Delta Sigma 

Ann Rose President 

Mary Ann Britt Vice-President 

Judy Lee Secretary 

Sandra Hardison Treasurer 

Delta Sigma Sorority was organized in 1935. From 
this date until 1964 the members have tried to uphold 
the motto "Torchbearers of Friendship." 

The year of 1963-64 began with the rearragement 
of the new quarters of Delta Sigma Sorority. The Hil- 
ley House was to be our home and we loved decorat- 
ing it. The sisters bought a Neon sign with the Greek 
letters for the front of the house. Then came the com- 
pletion of the plans for Rush. "The Roaring Twen- 
ties" was the theme chosen and much work was done 
by all the sisters. Although our pledges were not great 
in number, their qualities mounted high. Building a 
sorority is not such an easy job, but we sure are mak- 
ing a big headway. 

The sisters participated in the selling of the "Stu- 

dent Directories" which is an annual project. 

The sisters held their annual Christmas party with 
their brothers. An evening of fun and dancing was 
enjoyed by all. 

IntrGmurals were just great! We came away with 
the Volley-tennis and Volleyball championships. Unde- 

Formal initiation of the pledges and a banquet hon- 
oring the new sisters were held in January. Then came 
Homeccrrrng with all the sisters working frantically 
to build the best homecoming display yet. With spring 
and beautiful warm weather come the annual beach 
party and the Spring banquet held at the Ship-n Shore. 
The Senior Breakfast honoring the departing members 
was our final meeting. 

Fall Rush 

Pledge Banquet 

Fall Pledge Class 
Standing (left to right): Pat Good- 
win, Carol Malone, Joyce Norville, 
Billie Bigger, LaMarr Bolton, Betsy 
Whitfield, and Judy Casey. 

Entertainment for Rush 


Tempie Barke 
Mary Ann Britt 
Nannie Gaskins 

Gayle Goodwin 
Sandra Hardison 
Judy Lee 

Betty Matthews 
JoAnn Morris 
LaVerle Pittman 

Ann Rose 
Helen Tripp 


Omega Chi Sorority 

Goldie Douglas President 

Carolyn Sharpe Vice-President 

George-Anne Willard Secretary 

Elizabeth Anne Ferrell Treasurer 

Memories of an eventful year for Omega Chi Sorority ... at home on 
third floor Caldwell Hall . . . fishfry and John Day for freshman and 
transfer girls . . . fall rush . . . South Pacific, hulas, and roast pig . . . 
twenty-six pledges . . . Sunday morning doughnut sales . . . Omega Chi 
Pine Knot Dance . . . Christmas Serenade . . . our Annette Banks, Miss 
Merry Christmas . . . party for underprivileged children . . . second place 
and a stereo in the Marlboro Contest . . . sister and pledge get-to-gethers 
. . . Homecoming Banquet with Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . Coffee Hour for 
parents . . . pledge initiation (fun, fun, fun!) . . . Greek Week excitement 
. . . brother-sister beach party . . . Spring Banquet . . . party for Seniors 
. . . and the closing of another school year. 


Seated: (left to right) Jane Tarrant, Laura Wolfe, Jean Wagner, 
Bonnie Musgrave, Barbara Hay. Second Row: Marge Owens, Con- 
nie Brewer, Ann Thompson, Karen DeHart, Frances Atkins, Peggy 
Williams, Brenda Jones. Third Row: Mozelle Best, Betsy Nash, 
Diane Sorrell, Glenda Roberson, and Amy Causby. 

"I'm Gonna Wash That Man Right Out of my 

Pledge Banquet 


Ann Amerson 
Marty Atkins 
Joyce Avent 
Annette Banks 
Betty Baucom 

Ann Brisson 
Susan Brown 
Ann Bunn 
Carolyn Cameron 
Barbara Croom 

Marty Dixon 
Goldie Douglas 
Elizabeth Ferrell 
Linda Forrest 
Becky George 

Carol Home 
Mary Johnston 
Janet Kelly 
Penny Kirk 
Lyn Mayo 

Martha Mewborn 
Annette Mosley 
Mary B. Perkins 
Judy Rose 

Lynda Sawyer 
Carolyn Sharpe 
Alice Shepard 
Pat Taylor 
Geroge-Anne Willard 

Sidney Jean Wilson 
Sue Wilson 
Myoung Soon Yim 

1 17 

Phi Sigma Tau 


Mary Louise Westphal President 

Gina Allen Vice-President 

Betty Brubaker Secretary 

Val Deans Treasurer 

Phi Sigma Tau Sorority made the first floor of Har- 
per Hall its home for the year 1963-64. The sisters 
worked hard during the fall and spring semesters to 
uphold the true meaning of the sorority's name which 
has stood for half a century — Phi for faithfulness, 
Sigma for sincerity, and Tau for truthfulness. 

At the beginning of the fall semester, Phi Sigma 
Tau presented its annual Top Hat Dance, the first 
formal dance on campus. The night club setting in the 
lobby of the Classroom Building and music by the 
Monitors furnished an ideal background for the high- 
light of the evening, the crowning of Mr. Top Hat, 
Jay Barnhill. 

"Phi Sigma Tau — Pioneers" was selected as the 
theme for the sorority's Fall Rush as being symbolic 
of its heritage as the oldest and first Greek letter or- 
ganization on the Atlantic Christian College campus. 
Twenty-three girls donned black and gold ribbons and 
were soon engaged in a rigorous program of pledge 

The Christmas season was celebrated by helping an 
opportunity family, by joining with our Alpha Sigma 
Phi brothers in a combo party, and by decorating and 
exchanging gifts on the Phi Sigma Tau hall. 

The sisters took an active part in Homecoming ac- 
tivities. The sorority exhibit won the first place trophy 
and several sisters were in the Homecoming Queen 
Court. An alumni tea was held during the week-end 
qt which time both old and new sisters enjoyed a 
friendly get together. 

To begin the Spring semester, ten new sisters were 
initiated and welcomed into the sorority. The Out- 
standing Pledge Award went to Vicki Joyner. The an- 
nual spring banquet was held in April at the Ship'n 
Shore at which time senior sisters were presented with 
gifts. As a final fling Phi Sigma Tau headed for More- 
head and the beach party. The year came to an end 
for the sorority with the Senior Breakfast in May when 
our departing sisters were honored. 


First place for Homecoming display 

m mm 

Seated, (left to rihgt): llene Rich, Connie Altman, Ann Rober- 
son, Janie McCormick, Carol Wells, Carol Warrick, Becky Smith, 
Virginia Kirby, Vicky Joyner. Standing (left to right): Irene Rich, 
Beth Taylor, Laura Rowe, Carolyn Painter, Ellen Boone, Jo Ann 
Davis, Sandra Willis, Sara Poe, Nancy Wilson, Rita Johnson, Janie 
Radford, Patsy Mizelle, Jo Ann Hardison. 


Gina Allen 
Doris Barefoot 
Eleanor Bizzell 
Janet Bottoms 
Betty Brubaker 

Linda Burgess 
Aileen Clark 
Beth Clayton 
Val Deans 
Linda Griffin 

Beth Grimes 
Mary Hardy 
Marilyn Hall 
Cookie Hart 
Pam Larmer 

Lynn Norfleet 
Sheila Scott 
Judy Spell 
Mary Lyn Stroud 
Vicki Tolston 

Kathy Tray\or 
Kathryn Webb 
Susan Webb 
Mary L. Westphal 

Sisters perform at annual Top Hat Donee 

Sigma Tau Chi 


Lib Shackelford President 

Linda Weaver Secretary 

Mary Tyre , Treasurer 

Betty Brinson . '. Chaplain 

The Sigma Tau Chi's were proud to have Harper Hall 
Annex as their home during 1963-64 with Lib Shackel- 
ford as their President. 

The purpose of the sorority is to promote friendship 
among its sisters by inculcating the principles of truth, 
honor, and duty . . . the essentials of true friendship 
and sisterhood. Sigma Tau Chi encourages scholastic 
achievement, promotion of social interests, and the fur- 
therance of charitable and benevolent purposes. 

Early in the fall, the house was the scene of abrother- 
sister hootenanny with our brother fraternity, Delta 
Sigma Phi. Later the sisters went to the Delta Sigma 
Phi house and pooled their efforts with the brothers for 
a successful work day. 

The house was also the scene of the Sigma Tau Chi 
State Fair during Rush Week. Thirteen new pledges 

wore yellow and white ribbons after bids went out. 
January and February were important months for 
Sigma Tau Chi. The annual Alumnae Banquet was held 
during Homecoming Week-end in January. In February 
the pledges were initiated and became full sisters. 

The sisters and pledges were active in the beauty 
contests on campus. Mary Linda Bethune was our candi- 
date for Pine Knot Queen and Miss Merry Christmas. 
Ruth Ann Tyson was our candidate for Homecoming 
Queen. Sigma Tau Chi girls representing other organi- 
zations as candidates were: Chicky Port for Most Popu- 
lar Freshman Girl, Cookie Wickham and Reba Barefoot 
for Pine Knot Queen and Miss Merry Christmas, and 
Reba Barefoot for Homecoming Queen. 

At Christmas, the sisters helped their brother frater- 
nity entertain orphans and in May, they all enjoyed their 
joint beach party. 

Rush Week 


Front row (left to right) Reba Barefoot, Ruth Ann Tyson, and 
Sarah Louis. Second Row, Chicky Port, Lib Webb, Marilyn Askew, 
and Linda Daniels. 


Sandra Bass 
Glenda Barwick 
Mary Linda Bethune 

Betty Brinson 
Barbara Ann Clifton 
Patricia Collins 

Lib Shackelford 
Linda Weaver 
Cookie Wickham 

Mary Tyre 



Alpha Sigma Phi 


Gene Gregory President 

Roland Dodson Vice-President 

Bill Etheridge Secretary 

Robert Bonner Treasurer 

Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity was founded December 6, 
1845, at Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut. The 
National Headquarters are now located at Deleware, 

Our local chaper, Gamma Lambda, was founded May, 
1958. This chapter grew out of a local Social Fraternity, 
Sigma Alpha, which was founded at Atlantic Christian 
in 1 925. 

The purpose of Alpha Sigma Phi Fraternity is to 
uphold the standards of brotherhood, fraternity, and 
social standings of the people. We have a period of 
approximately ten weeks of training in which the new 
pledges are given a chance to try fraternity life and 

see if they like it and to see if they can meet the 
standards of the fraternity. 

During the vear we have several social events which 
include a banquet held by all chapters of North and 
South Carolina. This event is called The Black and 
White. We also have a local banquet each Spring semes- 
ter. In addition to these, we also have several smaller 
events, in which our sister sorority, Phi Sigma Tau, some- 
times participates. 

We have a very active chapter which participates in 
the school's intramural programs. Included in this is a 
sport to suit most anyone. Together with the other 
activities of the Fraternity and College the men re- 
ceive a well rounded extra curricular activity program. 

Homecoming display 

Standing: Jack McGinnis, Robert Lewis, Jack Bartles, Tommy Battles, Tommy 
Johnson, Don Diamond, and Al Langley. 


Robert Bonner 
James Britt 
Roland Dodson 

Bill Etheridge 
Gene Gregory 
Rickey Murphy 

Joel Newton 
Floyd Parker 
Gary Russell 

John Thigpen 

Home of Alpha Sigs 


Delta Sigma Phi 


Horton Godwin President 

Ed Perkins Vice President 

Don Brubaker Secretary 

J. T. Windham Treasurer 

The Delta Sigma Phi Convention, held in the Ameri- 
cana Hotel at Miami Beach, saw three brothers repre- 
senting the Delta lota Chapter of Atlantic Christian. 
These brothers were Horton Godwin, President of the 
chapter; Lawrence Gibbs, and J. W. Black, Leadership 
Director for the fraternity. 

The first social event of the academic school year 
was the "Welcome Back Dance" held early in September 
at the fraternity house. During the first week of Octo- 
ber, the brothers enjoyed an old fashioned square dance 
featuring "Wiley Webb and the Webbettes". The fol- 
lowing week was rush and Delta Sigma Phi welcomed 
twenty-seven pledges into the training program which 
was the largest pledge class on the campus. Later in 
the month, Halloween saw the Delta lota Chapter en- 
joying their annual costume party. 

Late in November, brothers and pledges enjoyed an 
old fashioned Bar-B-Que which they prepared them- 
selves; this was followed later in the evening by a 
dance featuring the "Sardams" 

Christmas time saw the Delta lota Chapter well in 
the spirit of Christmas by holding a party for the child- 
ren of the Freewill Baptist's Children's Home. Entering 
the new year, Delta Sigma Phi held its annual New 
Year's Dance featuring the "Kays". 

January saw the pledges and brothers working to- 
gether to complete remodeling on the chapter house. 
A new room and tile floor were added and much work 
was completed on the entire house. Delta lota would 
like to thank Miss Sarah Baine Ward, Honorary House- 
mother; Dr. J. P. Tyndall, Chapter Supervisor; and Mr. 
Russell Roebuck, President of the Alumni Control Board. 
Without their guidance, this would have not been possi- 

Spring rush again saw Delta Sigma Phi holding the 
largest pledge class, constituting thirteen pledges. 

Spring also saw the Delta lota Chapter celebrating 
its annual "Sailors Ball" and toward the last of the 
year, the brothers and pledges had their annual Beach 
Party at Morehead City. 

Halloween Party. 

New room of the Delta lota House 


Jerry Ashworth 
James Black 
Lou Craig 
Maurice Edmundson 

Lawrence Gibbs 
Horton Godwin 
Dewey Hanna 
Bob Harrigan 

Robert Learoyd 
Charles Lockamy 
Ron McKeel 
Ed Perkins 

Charles Spell 

Earl Wade 

J. T. Windham 


Sigma Phi Epsilon 

David Peebles President 

Gareth Jones Vice-President 

John Benson Secretary 

Frank Whitly Controller 

The North Carolina lota chapter of Sigma Phi Ep- 
silon received its sixth successive scholarship cup in as 
many years, for having the highest fraternal average 
on the Atlantic Christian College campus. 

In October, 1963 Brother Rex Home, "Mr. Top Hat 
of 1961" crowned Brother Jay Barnhill "Mr. Top Hat 
of 1963." 

Miss Sally Cox of Washington, N. C. was elected 
"The Most Popular Freshman Girl" at the "Most Popu- 
lar Freshman Girl Dance" which was held at the Cherry 
Hotel. During Homecoming Week Miss Anne Thompson 

of Kinston, N. C. was elected first runner-up for 
"Homecoming Queen of 1964." With the theme "De- 
feat the Catamounts" Sig Ep won the first prize for 
the best fraternity Homecoming Display of 1964. 

Several parties have been held during the present 
academic year. The first one held was the Brother- 
Dates Combo Party, followed by the annual "Beatnik 
Party." After this was the Christmas Party. As a part 
of the Christmas Holidays a combined social was held 
with the Brothers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, and the Sisters 
of Omega Chi at which the special guests were Santa 
Claus and some "friends" from the Salvation Army. 


Hard days work . . 

Open House . . . 

Nice scrapbook! 


Bill Alexander 
Bill Baggett 
Joy Barnhill 
Maurice Belongen 

John Benson 
Raymond Benthal 
John Boyd 
Woody Caton 

Bill Darden 
Les Godwin 
Rex Home 
Don Johnson 

Gareth Jones 
Robert Jones 
Dwight McKeown 
Russ Miller 

David Peebles 
Chuck Phillips 
Bobby Raiford 
Ken Thornton 

Warren Whitehurst 
Frank Whitely 


Sigma Pi 


Billy Gill President 

Jerry Leach Vice-President 

George Angel Secretary 

Tom Angel Treasurer 

The activities for the new school year began for the 
Sigma Pi brotherhood with their annual "Most Popu- 
lar Freshman Girl" contest. The dance was held at the 
Cherry Hotel, the brothers and other students enjoyed 
dancing to the beat of the Rhythm Rockets Combo. 
This years winner was Sally Cox. 

During Rush Week the fraternity held a party for 
the pledges at the Urbanna Inn. This produced a closer 
friendship between the pledges and the brothers. 

Sigma Pi held a back to school dance at the Cherry 

Hotel following Christmas Holidays. The music was 
furnished by the Rhythm Rockets Combo. 

The brothers of Sigma Pi sponsored a candy sale to 
raise money to have a party for the underprivileged 
children of Wilson. This is an annual event. 

Participation in intramurals played an important 
part in the life of the Sigma Pi's. They competed in 
football, basketball, and other sports offered by the 
A.C.C. intramural program. 

A busy year for Sigma Pi Fraternity was brought to 
a close with the annual beach party. 

Sigma Pi Billards 

Most Popular Freshman Dance 




Doug Ledbetter 
Jerry Leach 
Robert Leonard 

Bobby Lynch 
Tom Pippin 
Doug Swain 






Sponsored by 



Miss Kathryn Webb 

Phi Sigma Tau 


Miss Carolyn Cameron 

Pine Knot 


Left to right: Laura Rowe, Anne Amerson, Tempie Brake, Wooren, Vickie Joyner, Sandra Willis, Linda Griffin, Brenda 

Sally Cox, Reba Barefoot, Janice Cousins, Annette Banks, Pittman. 

Alice Sheperd, Cookie Wickham, Mary Linda Bethune, Barbara 


Miss Pom Herchorz 

Omega Chi 

Miss Donna Ervin 

Delta Sigma 

Miss Patsy Mizelle 

Alpha Sigma Phi 


Miss Marilyn Brittle 

Phi Sigma Tau 

Miss Sally Cox 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 

Miss Laura Rowe 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Miss Brenda Jo Phillips 

Sigma Tau Chi 

Miss Chicky Port 

Sigma Pi 





Miss Annette Banks 

Sigma Phi Epsilon 


Seated: Miss Laura Rowe. (standing, 
Medlin, Jo Anne Hardison. 

L to R): Sally Cox, Vickie Joyner, Peggy 





Miss Ann Thompson 

Miss Sally Cox 

Seated L to R: Kathryn Webb, Ruth Ann Tyson, Solly Cox, Barefoot, Ann Thompson, Linda Ferguson, Carolyn Camerson, 

Gina Allen, Doris Barefoot, Vickie Joyner. Standing: Reba Lamar Bolton, Pam Larmar, Becky George, Patsy Mizzelle. 







David Peebles, Track 



George Ramey, Tennis 



Susan Webb — Chief 

Jane Tarrant 


Gina Allen 

Kathryn Webb 

Annette Banks 

Linda Burgess 

Janice Cousins 

Reba Barefoot 

Chickie Port 



Coaching Staff 

Ed Cloyd 
Jack McComas, Jim Pfohl 



Jerry Ashworth 

Atlan Hill 


Kneeling, left to right, Charles Babb, Jerry Ashworth, Paul Amato, mer Hobbs, Richard Goodwin, Philip Williams, Bill Fugate, Gary 

Clarence Todd, Jr., Billy Elliott, Freddie Hale, Standing; (left to Johnson. 

right) Kenneth Taylor, William Tiae, Stanley Keel, Alton Hill, El- 


Bill Fugate, Senior 

Freddie Hale, Sophomore 

Clarence Todd, Junior 

Elmer Hobb, Junior 

Paul Amato, Freshman 

Richard Goodwin, Freshman 

B -<^M 

Bfv , }™ 

^AX % / 

4 U»^ 

Kp\ X 


^L i ■ i HH 

William Tice, Junior 

Gary Johnson, Junior 

Billy Elliot, Freshman 

Phil Williams, Senior 

Not quite high enough 

Go get 'em, Tiger 

The jump shot by Jerry 


Track and Field 

Physical Education Club 

David Peebles 

Gene Gregory 

Coach Jim Pfohl 

Bobby Joyner 




Reese Hart 

: '&1^ 






Women's Recreational Association Council 





Phone 237-1161 
200 N. Railroad Street Wilson, N. C. 


Plumbing and Heating 

606 Pender Street 

Phone 243-2891 




Recreation Headquarters 


A. C. C. Students 

T. B. Ward J W. Benson 




Building Material, Lumber, Coal, Paint 

Wilson, N. C. 
Telephone 237-0122 P. 0. Box 1424 


Wilson, North Carolina 



1 1 West Nash Street 

102 East Nash Street 









Your Listening 



1420 On Your 




Long Term Mortgage Loans 
(Farm & City) 

Cecil B. Lamm & Co. 

115 N. Tarboro St. Dial 243-4493 

Wilson, N. C. 




Wilson, N. C. 

Certified Gemologist 
American Gem Society 

Jewelers Since 1898 
College and Fraternal Jewelry 
















going ... / / When you 

need a little lift — 
depend on Coke 




Auto Body & Paint 

• Body and Fender Work 

• Automobile Painting 

• Wrecks Rebuilt 

• Glass Installation 



DIAL 243-3341 

21 1 South Pine Street 
Wilson ; North Carolina 






700 Herring Ave. Wilson, N. C. 

Dial 237-0193 
J. C. Bradley J. C. Bradley, Jr. 

President Vice President 






Daily Newspaper That 


rries the News From 

Atlantic Christian 




120 S. Goldsboro St. Phone 243-3050 
Wilson, North Carolina 

Compliments of 


Famous for Milkshakes 




School and Office Supplies 

Portable Typewriters 

Machines Furniture Equipment 

105 North Douglas St. 

Phone 243-2450 
Wilson, North Carolina 





1924 General Insurance And Bond; 

s 1962 

Gold Professional Building 

Phone 237-1117 

Wilson, North Carolina 



For Men and Young Men 
with Young Ideas 

Phone 243-3581 

118 S. Goldsboro St. 

Wilson, North Carolina 



725 South Goldsboro Street 
Phone 237-2622 

Now Featuring Fur Storage 


Congratuates the 1964 Seniors 

Shell Oil Products 

Ward Blvd. & Lane St. 
Wilson, North Carolina 

Congratulations, Seniors 


Wilson's Complete Shopping Center 



Art Supplies 

Phone 243-4428 

125-127 S. Tarboro Street 

Wilson, N. C. 


220 East Barnes Street 
Phone 237-0824 

Specializing in Wedding 


Party Cakes 


317 E. Nash St. 

Auto-parts & Accessories 
Hi Fi & Stero Equipment 

Phone 243-3960 
Wilson, N. C. 

One-day Service 
on Color Film Processing 


Hallmark Cards 



Pure Products Phone: 237-0126 

Iron Fireman Furnace P. O. Box 387 

Burner Service Highway 301 South 

Wilson, North Carolina 


Durham, Greenville, Raleigh, and Wilson, North Carolina 





216 Raleigh Road, Wilson, N. C. 

Phone: 237-0302 

Compliments of 


518 Ward Boulevard 


'Hardware is our Middle Name" 

Wilson, N. C. 

Home's Scale & 
Equipment Co. 



Food Machines 

307 S. Tarboro Street 

Wilson, N. C. 

Phone 243-4915 

Compliments of 


The Newest in Sportswear 
for Men and Women 

105 S. Tarboro Street Phone 243-3436 
Wilson, North Carolina 



134 S. Tarboro Street 
Wilson, N. C. 

Ladies' Wear Family Shoes 

Phone 243-5712 


Quick Service 

Better Printing 

Phone 243-3381 
Wilson, North Carolina 

Congratulations Graduates 

WLLY Radio 

Radio No. 1 in Wilson 1350 KC 


Better Furniture 

Phone 243-3121 
Wilson, North Carolina 




E. Green St. Wilson 

N. C. 


Phone 243-6106 



1200 Herring Ave. Phone 243-2177 
Next to the radio stations 

Jesse High 

Ed High 






Shop At 



Fashion, Style, & Quality 



308 E. Nash— 305 W. Nash 
2 Complete Plants 




sincb mi 

Wilson, N. C. 

Complete School Supply Headquarters 
109 N. Tarboro Street 

Compliments of 

*Tk« Mtlls Sllaw' 
IM II wcrncl 

Formal Wear Sales and Rentals 


Men's and Boys' Store 

103 West Nash Street 
Wilson, North Carolina 



Q/wd' \3z/vmi'ti ^y^d^GOc^d 

Branch banking & trust company 

Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 



Class of '58 

Open 24 hours 



803 Corbett Avenue 
2 Blocks From The College Attendants On Duty 

Catering to Clubs and Organizations 
Parties, Banquets 


Real Pit Barbecue — Brunswick Stew 
Southern Fried Chicken 

U.S. Choice Western T-Bone Steaks 
Oysters in Season 

Wilson, N. C. Phone 237-0972 


125-127 South Goldsboro Street 

Telephone 237-3028 

Wilson, North Carolina 


OF The 





to the 
. Class of 1964 













Distributors of 


Wilson, North Carolina 
Phone 237-3101 


Of The 


Frances and Wiley Winstead, 

Compliments of 


Wilson, N. C. 

"The Listening's Fine at 59 
on your dial" 


Ip Wh-iTjn ru 

PRINTING COMPANY • Chartotto , N. C . 

i ■* 



. - ■<*